Friday, 2 September 2011

Color is here!!

Bright color is really big in fashion this coming season, at least in Australia anyway! Primary colors as well as orange, coral and green. Inevitably the fashion trends also filter through to homewears, decor, furniture etc. which I think is fantastic. I've always been a fan of color, so I'm happily riding this bandwagon!

Let's talk about blue and green for a sec. I find that most people are usually drawn to one or the other of these 2 colors and I definately lean towards green myself, so I found it unusual that I was asking the paint guy at my local Mitre 10 to mix me up a rich turquoise color a few weeks ago. But who am I to argue with myself?!! Change is always good.

I have some lamp bases that I wanted to paint and after doing one, I loved the color! I thought, 'I've gotta paint something else blue!' I came across an old chair that had chippy white paint, (I know, chippy white paint, why did I want to touch that? It's ok, I have another one!!) that was perfect! I worked out my plan, then out came the sander and away I went.

I really dislike sanding.

Why didn't I just paint the whole thing?! At least I didn't do stripes on this one, although I did seriously consider it, the chair design didn't really lend itself to stripes. Ok, it was just less hassle to not do stripes on this one!

Here it is:

I took all the paint off the seat, edges too and waxed it. The rest I painted (with my new sprayer) in a flat paint finish. I sealed the blue off with a couple of coats of gloss poly. I love it! Vintage, shiny and unique!

What do you think? Are you embracing the color trend this season?

Courts x
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Tanya said...

I'm embracing it!!! I love it. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

so cute! i love the wood seat with the bright happy blue!

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