Saturday, 10 December 2011

Is It Going To Rain Tomorrow?

All the weather reports I've looked at seem to think so.

So I've reluctantly cancelled my spot at the Natimuk farmers market which is being held tomorrow in Natimuk from 10 - 1.30pm. I have no shelter...not even a tarp to protect furniture in transit! So rather than risk any damage to my wares, we'll stay home.

If you so happened to be interested in any of the pieces you may have seen last week at the Makers Christmas market, click on the contact tab up the top and shoot me an email. I'd be happy to show them to you again, anytime!!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...
See these boards? They were the fascia boards on our old carport.
Circa 1937.


Needless to say, there was no way they were being thrown out. I knew exactly what these beauties were going to become, something rather lovely. And useful. Here's a little preview...

Pretty obvious what it is!! Can't wait until it's finished.

I've also been playing around with my new toy this week. My phone was accidently dropped and had it's screen shattered, so I upgraded to an IPhone and I'm loving instagram!! It's so cool, have you tried it? 1977 is my favorite so far, which is what the bottom photo is.


Yeah that's natural curl...sometimes a curse, sometimes a blessing. The best of both worlds. When it behaves! Luckily I'm in the know with how to handle it and that just may be another hair-ie post topic. I've had good feedback so far on my first hair related post. So I may dare to do another one!

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

Courts x


The Moerks said...

Oh no! I was heading out to visit you and Lisa tomorrow. I have no idea what is happening with the weather it is just being weird. I am trying to bake Christmas biscuits but it is doing strange things to the butter. I do love those chippy looking weatherboards.

Bianca said...

thats a bit crap about the market! the weather doesn't look that great though. should i get instagram then?? looks pretty good to me, i especially love that first pic of you.

Judy M said...

I hope it will not rain, my boys will be selling their EWE DOO or sheep poo at Nati
They have bought the tinnie--now saving for a motor for the boat,
Loved your products at the Christmas Market last week
Blogless Judy from Natimuk!!

Courtney said...

Of course it didn't rain!!! But you know, if I had've loaded up the trailer and ventured over to would've started bucketing down!!! Guaranteed! Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it!
Hope you guys went and had a fantastic day!
I've been trying to bake to, Deb, but my problems I can't blame on the weather. Just a lack of skills!!
Definately get instagram, Bianca! you'll love it and the app is free!!
Thanks for commenting, Judy! I heard your boys story,so I hope they sold heaps of poo and are well on their way to buying a motor!!

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