Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Day Bed Tutorial...Part Two

The Upholstery

So this is more my domain...mind you, I am still learning. But here we go -

An 'un-dressed' photo.

1. Adding foam

This part is relatively easy. All you'll need is some craft glue and an electric knife. Oh, and your foam of course! I used 2 lots to get the thickness I wanted. Both thrifted! I think I paid $26 for all the foam I used which isn't bad considering a single bed sized foam mattress is about $80 new!

First I layed the foam onto the day bed so I could mark where I needed to cut.
I knew I was going to have a few joins, but once it's upholstered you don't notice them at all.

Make sure to draw your line around onto the side as well.
Grab your trusty electric knife and lets get cutting!

I found the best way to cut was through the narrow side, looking down on your work as pictured above. If you do it looking at the flat wide side, the cut would tend to be quite wavy and not nice and perpendicular to the top.
Repeat this step until you've got your little foam puzzle pieces fitting nice and snug together. It's better to cut them a little bigger rather than smaller, you can always cut a bit more off. Once it's gone, its gone...kinda like a hair cut!!

Next, grab your glue and drizzle it on, as below.

Sit the foam on and let it dry. I didn't press it down much, the glue seems to hold it there pretty well.
Then you'll have something like this...

I then repeated the same steps with my next layer of foam. I just made sure the joins were in a different place.

I just remembered, you need to glue the edges of your foam together as well as the bottoms. Helps it all stay together!

Next I put on some wadding/batting to help cover any joins and make it a little softer.

It wasn't quite wide enough but I found it just kinda sits there in place, so I stapled it on. You can just see the joins near the middle :)
Here's where it gets a little sad.
You see, I like nice sheets. (this is relevant, bare with me!)
There's nothing like climbing into a bed freshly made with 1000 thread count sheets. A little sateen into the mix, you can't go back to poly/cotton after these babies!
Anyway...of course they're expensive, so I just have two pairs. One on the bed, one in the wash. It all worked out quite nicely...until....one of my fitted sheets ripped.
So, lets not waste a perfectly soft, luxurious sheet I think to myself. I couldn't bare to throw it out.
Onto the daybed it went. which is the next step..

stapling that baby soft sheet on.

Luckily the rip worked to my advantage, I just continued it on, cut off the ends then stapled away!
Now a lot of people may flip this over so it's upside down and pull and staple...but not me.
I like to see that it's nice and tight and there's no bunching in the corners. It takes a little practice to staple from underneath, but it's doable. And it takes a little strength as well to pull it all tight as you can, guess that comes from all those years holding a hairdryer!
You gotta do what works best for you :) An extra pair of hands is always helpful!

I start in the middle on one side and staple almost to the corner both ways, then spin it round and do the opposite side. Then do the same on the other two sides so you've left the corners for last.

Remember hospital corners for making a bed? It's now kinda like that for your corners. Fold some of the excess in out of the way then smooth the rest over until your happy with it. Then get a staple or two in it quick before your arm falls off from pulling it all so tight!!

Now it's time for the slip cover.
It's like it's own fitted sheet that you can take off and wash. Or that was the plan until I discovered that I really dislike sewing. It's still removable, just...a little different.
Put your fabric on upside down. I discovered mine wasn't wide enough so I had to add some more to it, which is the ugly brown you can see!
Then pin each corner, making sure it's on tight.

Now sew each corner, following your pins, then cut off the excess.

Turn it right way out and try it on for size!
Now this is where it got difficult. My sewing skills are pretty basic and I envisoned hemming and threading elastic through...and hopefully I'll sit down and give it a try one day. This is what I'd recommend you do...or get someone who knows how to, do it for you!

I don't have a pic of what I actually did do next. Tony thought it was 'dodgy' and that's coming from the worlds most layed back guy!!
But I'll tell you what I did to avoid having to sit down at that sewing machine again and attempt to put elastic in.
I hand sewed big zig zags from each opposite side with embroidery cotton to pull it tight and hold it on.
After Tony's 'dodgy' comment, he asked how I was going to get it off.

Scissors my friend.
Yep. Then after I've washed it, I'll probably hand sew it right back on again!

Sorry about the lacklustre finish...hopefully there are other bloggers who've done tutorials for putting elastic in! You could also sew ties on...a few on each side (like the old electric blankets) and tie them together to get it nice and tight. Actually I think that's what I'll do.
A less dodgy approach!!

I hope you've enjoyed my 2 part tutorial on building your own day bed. Feel free to email me with any questions and definately share if you actually build one! I'd love to hear about it!!

Courts x


ZippyZippy said...

Sewing machines are not that scary, tie's might be easier for you, it just looks so squishy and comfy :)

Betty Bake said...

well done!

looks great :)

:) I HATE sewing too
I could do so much more if I liked sewing but glue etc... will have to do ;)

nice to find your blog

Betty Bake

jessiez said...

Love this, so comfy looking!! So where did you luck out and find the foam at? We're building a custom sized loft for our boys' room, and I was looking at the price of new foam, ouch!!

Courtney said...

Thanks for the comments!!
I got the thick foam from a second hand furniture store, it was an old foam mattress which had a cover on it. The thinner one I found at a thrift shop!!
The loft sounds awesome Jessie!! Would love to see a pic of the finished product!

Courtney said...

Thanks for the comments!!
I got the thick foam from a second hand furniture store, it was an old foam mattress which had a cover on it. The thinner one I found at a thrift shop!!
The loft sounds awesome Jessie!! Would love to see a pic of the finished product!

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

Megan Renfree said...

Great tutorial. I'm pinning it for after my house is built!

Tony Cerrato said...

Home-made beds look fantastic. I'm a massive fan of log beds, I think they look great. But your home-made bed looks really good too, thanks for sharing.

Rachel said...

so awesome!! please tell me where you got your black and white striped fabric? i am doing my boys' room in a pirate them and have been searching for fabric like this (i really like the width of the stripes)


Anonymous said...

Are you worried about mold and mildew being that this furniture is outside? I wanted to build something similar but outdoor foam is very expensive.

Courtney said...

Nope, not worried at all about mould and mildew!! It gets plenty of air out there and is far enough 'in' that it doesn't get wet. If it does happen...I can easily replace the foam and cover. I didn't spend much money at all on this day bed:)

Jessica said...

I absolutely love this idea! Such a great little space. What color is your siding? Thanks

Michelle Anne Custodio said...

You surely have a creative mind and a good taste in home design. The log beds are great and the fabric you chose is perfect for the surrounding. This is a nice place to relax and I hope you will also have more projects in the future because this is an amazing idea.

Eve said...

I so want to do this but can't find any foam that cheap. :(

Leslie Muhlenkamp said...

Looks so cozy! Have you considered using elastic instead of your cotton ties to finish the slipcover? This way, you could stretch it off without having to hand-sew/tie it back on every time!

Leslie said...

I love this! I'm planning on making one for my studio as a place to lounge. I have a question for you. I don't understand how the staples are holding into the foam. Don't they just pull right out? I would love to hear how you got them to stay. And what type of glue did you use to hold the foam together. Thanks for sharing this project with us. It looks great.

Courtney said...

My initial plan was to use elastic, so it would be just like a fitted sheet and easy to remove but my sewing skills didn't quite extend to that! So I went for the easiest option!
The-sewn-on-underneath only lasted until it was first washed and now I just tuck it under and it stays really well! It takes both of us to lift and tuck though, not something you can do by yourself. It doesn't need too frequent washing though which helps :-)

Courtney said...

I only glued the foam down, I didn't staple it as yep, that'd just pull right out. I used ordinary craft glue from a fabric store. I stapled the batting down and the sheet down and that keeps everything snug and firm. I used upholstery staples and stapler and it is all still holding together well - it's been almost 18 months since we did this!

Thanks for the questions and hope this helps, keep asking away if I've just confused you ;-)

Divena Lachana said...

it,s beautiful, looks so cozy, and thanks for great tutorial.furniture company UK

Amac said...

Where can you find the foam, like what you used?

Courtney said...

Hi Amac

Check fourth comment down and you'll find where I found my foam :-)


Lane O'Connor said...

Hi there!

I am wondering what the measurements are on your day bed?



Courtney said...

Hi Shelbi

Our daybed measures 1.4 x 1.2 metres. Not as big as I'd like but it's all we could fit in and is still very comfy for one adult plus kids. It gets a lot of use!!

Courts x

Eckhard said...

First I layed the foam onto the day bed so I could mark where I needed ... couchbedmattress.blogspot.com

Voldemar said...

First I layed the foam onto the day bed so I could mark where I needed to cut. ... daybedsfullsize.blogspot.com

Adela Sabrina Meghan said...

its beautiful. better looks ! Good Job! you can find more daybed with trundle picture on my blog, please come :)

Stephanie Tan said...

Oh! Here come to Part 2! Smart Vintage Day Bed Designed! Bravo!

karen_l said...

what do you do when it rains, take the covered foam indoors ? or is the fabric water resistant ?

Courtney said...

Hi Karen
It's far enough under our roof line that rain isn't an issue, luckily!
Thanks for visiting

maxi proudly said...

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Agung Fajriadi said...

Awesome! its a complete tutorial to make a great daybed with trundle. its helpful!

Sarah Jester said...

Love this, I would love to do this but it would get wet :
Thinking maybe I could do it smaller like a bench/twin bed size and cover it with vinyl tablecloth then fabric ,, maybe that way the form would not get wet. I love DIY projects and do a lot of looking for them. Check out some of my favorites @ www.lookyoucan.com

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