Friday, 2 March 2012

My Latest DIY

There is no tutorial for this one.


I'm guessing this won't be everyone's cup of tea...


but it sure is mine!!

Yep...hi...that's me!!

And now for the reveal...

Yep, I clippered off the back of my hair. (I didn't have my little photographer with me so sorry about poor photo.)

I took it right up into the crown...and yes I meant to do that!
It's a number 6 in case you were wondering how short it was!

Do you know how awesome it is to only have to do half a head of hair every morning?

I love it!

Tony doesn't.

So that's latest DIY!!!

You know I never, ever cut my own hair...until I stopped being a hairdresser.
Now I seem to snip at it all the time!

Have you ever DIYed your own hair? How did it turn out?

'til next time...

Courts x


Catherine said...

I love it! You look so different from your profile photo!

And I NEVER worry about Danny's thoughts on my hair (or clothes etc etc), it always takes him a while to get used to new things!

Betty Bake said...

plse could u vote for me in the homies

Betty Bake

Christina said...

I've had my hair cut by someone else one time in the past 7 years. I started it back then because I couldn't really afford anything beyond rent and food. People never believe me when I say I cut my own, so I guess that means it doesn't look too bad, huh? :)

Betty Bake said...

yay thank you :)

janna said...

I like it. I've had twelve too many brain surgeries with a surgeon as m my stylist to try this. One time I came out of surgery with a patch of hair above my ear. That's it. It is allot easier to style short but short reminds me of surgery. Two years since the last one, goal to keep it as long as I can.

Bianca (ivylovesjack) said...

why didn't i ever see this post?! it looks so good, i love it. am i so hopeless that i haven't noticed this in real life or has it grown back?

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