Saturday, 8 September 2012

Before And After: Bed Head


Just a quick one to show you today - a bed head that I had all ready to take to the makers' gallery for my exhibition, but forgot all about!! This one will be at the Makers' Market on December 1st...can't wait for that!! I had such a wonderful time last year and the way the weeks are flying, it'll be here in no time!

Here's the before:

I was given this - as well as the foot, just no side rails - from a friend of the family.
I've only painted the bed head so it can be used with a mattress and base.

I dry brushed some grey paint randomly on first and then after a light sand I did the same with the teal.
I then went over with some beeswax for protection.

Dry brush painting is when after you've dipped the brush into the paint, you wipe as much back off again as you can - either back into the tin as I do or some people wipe it off onto a rag - and then paint in random areas instead of the whole piece. It gives a distressed look without have to actually distress it and you can layer different colors easily as I did with the grey and teal.

I couldn't resist showing you a pic of my littlest helper!
Notice the sanding block in each hand...even I can't do that ;-)

Have a wonderful week!!

Courts xx


Lisa said...

The colour is so fantastic! I went to the Maker's today and loved everything. You've done an amazing job, just wonderful. I think my fav is the flower chair, but really I like everything.

The Moerks said...

Cute little helper. That bed head will look fabulous in a kids room.

Sue SA said...

Very cute!

Catherine said...

Looks fantastic court - and the little helpers cute too!!

Bianca (ivylovesjack) said...

Love that little helper!!! Makers Market on the agenda already- geez time goes so fast! x

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