Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Juice Update!

Today I thought I'd update you on our juicing experience, as I mentioned back here how Tone and I were doing a 30 day juice fast.

I thought I'd show you a before/during head shot I took - without any make-up on ;)
 I think you can see a little difference.

I've re-discovered my cheekbones:) and I don't even look excited about it!!!
I forgot to smile! It is kinda weird taking photos of yourself isn't it?!

At the end of our 30 days we'd both lost 12kgs(26pounds) and we treated ourselves to a night away as a reward for our hard work - No Girls!! My mum stayed at our house with them so we could have the weekend in Ballarat!
We had a wonderful time - in spite of Ballarats' famous COLD weather - and treated ourselves to Japanese food, a movie and a little shopping. :)

 I bought myself a new outfit - size 14 top and skinny jeans!! I was a little excited because it's been a loooooong time since I've fitted into a 14!! Probably 5 years!

oops...forgot to smile again!!

I'm getting there...slowly!

So the last 3 weeks we've been still juicing but eating as well. 
I've researched a lot of clean eating recipes and our diet has certainly changed since before we began this lifestyle change. And I'm thoroughly enjoying it! I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything at all.
Doing the juice fast certainly does 'reboot' your system. I don't need to eat as much and my cravings are now usually for vegetables :) We have some tough days as you do when you are breaking habits and transitioning to a new way of doing things, but you pick yourself up and keep going!

We've also both been exercising, which for me is because I feel like it and I'm really enjoying it!!
Tone and I both use the 5k runner app on our phone and go on alternate nights after the girls are in bed.
Its a free app and you can listen to your music whilst walking/running and the guy cuts in and tells you to 'start running' or 'slow down and walk'! I really struggled at the start as it's been (again!) sooooo long since I've ran, so I just repeat the same day until I feel strong in it, then I move onto the next day.
I find it's 30 minutes I get to interruptions, plus I can listen to my music which is kinda nice when your married to a muso who tends to take over when music is being played :)

I always go when its dark and ALWAYS have a hoodie on...I'd wear sunglasses to if I could see where I was going :) Incognito is my mission!

This is what I look like when I head out...

minus the facial hair of course!! Well hopefully;-) 
I was telling my jogging nut girlfriend about my running experiences the other night and told her I look like an ewok when I go out at night for my run...needless to say she cracked up...I got obe wan kenobi and ewoks mixed up, obviously!

Tony's lost more weight over the last 3 weeks and I've stayed the same. Obviously things slow down when you start eating again, although I feel like I'm getting smaller even though the scales haven't changed much.
I perhaps need to stop weighing myself and just go by my clothes!

Anyway, we are feeling great and continuing on with the changes!

What excercise do you do?

Any advice/support would be much appreciated!!

Courts xx


The Moerks said...

Well done Courts. I did the couch to 5 k app last year and loved it. I felt great when i was running. I have swapped now to pilates and squash but reading this makes me want to take up running again. Hopefully I will see you tomorrow. Deb

Kylie said...

Good on you Courtney, you look awesome and I love your green blouse very much. I am thinking of jumping on the band wagon too. Just wondering what juicer you have as I need to buy one and don't know where to start. If you've got time to reply I'd appreciate your input.

Catherine said...

WOW! You look fantastic! Congratulations and good on you for sticking with it. I started a fortnight ago but lasted a week and then fell off the bandwagon. Need another kick start.

Courtney said...

We bought a breville juicer, which is what they use in the 'fat, sick and nearly dead' DVD that kick started this whole thing for us! I'll email you more deets too:)

cheryl @ nefotlak. said...

oh wow - you look fantastic!!!
well done you.
C xx

Deb Hrabik said...

You look so fresh...energized!
Now you can paint like crazy. ha.

Sue SA said...

Looking good! Glad to hear that you have managed to change eating habits so sucessfully, as I guess thats the long term trick. I fail to exercise, my biggest downfall, so I am really glad that you like to run. However I like the sound of the other ladies suggestion of changing or at least alternating to another sport? I mean one that will use different muscles/parts of The benefit of running is its free and no schedule. What do your friends play? It would be more motivating to go and play social netball or ? with some new/old friends and then you have a second exercise in your routine. Or perhap with daylight savings you and Tony could play tennis together while kids played -rode trikes around next court? I got a stand for my bike...for mothers day...DH still hasnt set it up....still nagging, he promises this w/end. But figure I am too scared to ride in traffic and cannot take kids as they too slow and dangerous on road, so "riding" at home is my plan. Treat yourself to a new cookbook (healthy eating one) for summer! Love new clothes too.

Betty Bake said...

congrats! that is soooo cool ! :)
I love my breville juicer and i definitely don't use mine enough!
wow - you guys are amazing - well done!!!

Betty Bake

mikky said...

I'm glad you didn't smile in the after photo because it's so much easier to compare the 2 with the same expression. You look great! I am wondering did you see a difference in your skin? I am hoping it is a yes cause I want to switch to the eat clean diet (I bought tosca reno's eat clean book and have also tried some green drinks) so I am hoping this will give me incredible skin and a nice healthy glow. A girl can dream right?! So what kinda diff did you see in your skin if any?
Keep up the good work and maybe carry a light saber with you when you jog at night!
Sorry don't have any tips for you.

Cathy said...

Whoa - yes. You can definitely see a difference. I never last when I try to make diet changes like you did. It goes well until the first late night at work, and then all bets are off.

But this definitely made me see the benefit.

julie said...

just watched the video and very impressive. Will give it a try when I remember who has my juicer.

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