Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Masterclass With Abigail Ahern

Well I'm back, my mind is churning a million miles an hour, I have ideas popping into my head at all hours of the day and night and I'm feeling inspired and stressed!!
Inspired by all the things I learnt at Abi's masterclass and stressed by how much I now want to do!!

We had a fantastic day and learnt soooo much. She is very passionate about interiors and knows what she likes and doesn't like (which I admire...I tend to fence-sit about a few things!) and has an awesome sense of humour to boot, :) which came in handy after it taking 42 hours from Heathrow to Melbourne, only just arriving a couple of hours before our class started. Hats off to Abi and her husband Graham for, not only being able to function, but to pulling off an amazing educational day!! And to do it over again for the next three days as well!!

Ok. So what did I learn?

Well I could probably write a months worth of posts to answer that...which could get a little much so I'm going to summarize as best I can and if you have questions or want further information - feel free to shoot me an email and I can hopefully answer it for you :)

First and foremost, the class was about Abi's particular style of interior design - eclectic, edgy, quirky, vintage, jaw dropping are just a few descriptive words for it - and how to go about it yourself.
Ways to incorporate it in your own home or clients home.
Such as:
-Painting out walls, trims, ceilings, floors, shelves, skirting boards, architraves etc all in the one color (preferably a dark-ish shade) to make all of your 'stuff' stand out.
-Giving a room lots of layers, ie. rugs, art etc. Create several focal points in a room, instead of just one.
-Each room needs something in it that makes you smile. An element of whimsy or quirk. Animals work well!
-Hallways are the most neglected area of a house and need as much attention (and layers!) as your living room.
- Lighting is HUGE to the feel of a room. When you think you've got it right...add a few or five more lamps!!  (Shadows are important too though! You don't want to feel like your in a hospital!)
-Every room needs some circles to soften the 'rectangleness'. Like round tables or mirrors.
-Play with scale in a room. Put a lamp thats too big on a teeny tiny table for example.
-Put things that would normally be reserved for the living room in the kitchen to soften it - rugs, chandelier.
- Add an oddball color to something in the room. Something unexpected.
- Every room needs a little glossy something. Like Ikea besta burs or a spray painted glossy piece...right up my alley ;)

Abi also did a segment on designing on a shoestring - which we all love, right? She suggested plenty of things that you find here in blogland and a few more. Some examples are spray painting things, ikea kitchen/wardrobe carcasses with doors that go floor to ceiling for instant luxe, graffitting up a cheap landscape and hang on the wall for an edgy look or instead of buying an expensive rug...paint one on your floor!

This is just a snippet of what I got out of the class and obviously Abi talked in greater detail about all these things and more AND in a way that made me want to rush home and take everything out and start again!!
Her passion is kinda contagious!

One big tip I loved was if you limit your color palette to 3 or 4, you can mix as many different patterns and textures together in a room and it just works. Pattern is so huge right now and clashing patterns is even bigger, so now we know how to pull it off!! Stick to a small color range!!

I hope you've enjoyed this little peek into Abigails masterclass and start looking around your house to see where you can change things up!!

I'm hoping to be back before the art show I'm doing in Horsham this weekend...it is a little hectic round here at the moment!!

Have a great week,

Courts xx


Catherine said...

Sounds like you had a great time, and I love some of these tips for my own home. Layers is interesting - I always get scared of going over board, but it sounds like the go!

I've checked out Abi's blog just briefly (isn't that all you ever do when kids are around??) but will have a more detailed look asap

Thanks for sharing!

Queen of Chairs said...

Lots of good advice. I liked the 3-4 color part believe it or not I tend to struggle with color for my own house I always change my mind and it ends up being a hodge podge and I like mid century modern and primitive furiture but am never sure how to mix it? Glad you had fun

Christina said...

Thanks so much for recapping that for us! Really great tips.

Katrina said...

Love love love the table? Is it old? I have one similar that would be at least 100 years old, and is extendable. This is the first one I've seen that sort of resembles mine! (Apart from the colour lol)

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