Sunday, 18 September 2011

How-To Unleash Your Inner Rockstar!!

This post is the first of my 'QUIRKY HOW-TO'S' series and I thought What is the one secret desire that we all harbour somewhere inside us?
And the obvious answer.....we all wanna be rockstars!! No? Ok, maybe it's just me?! I'm betting at some point in your life, perhaps when you were a teen you pictured yourself up on stage belting out a tune in front of a massive, adoring crowd? Or strumming the cooloest guitar riff on your Fender guitar? Or whacking those drum skins so fast that no-one can keep up with you? Ringing any bells now?

Ok, I am not a rockstar (obviously!) so how can I help you unleash your inner rockstar? Well there is something I can do that might help you score a few 'cool' points with your freinds/family.

How-To Twirl A Drum Stick!!

A little known fact about me is that I can play the drums. Nothing fancy, just the basics!
The reason it's little known is because I've never played in front of anyone. Ever. Well except my old drum teachers!

Anyway, let's get down to it! I'll do my best to explain it without video, that's a little beyond me right now!

1. Get a hold of a drum stick. You only need one. Your local music store will have them, they're not that expensive. Alternatively, pay a visit to that teenager down the road who practices the drums every single day (and yet he/she somehow doesn't seem to be improving!) and borrow one off him/her. He/She owes you, after all, you've had to listen to it for days on end!!

2. Find the centre of balance on the stick, usually just a little off centre towards the heavy end. Place the stick in-between your middle finger and pointer right down as far as you can, holding onto the stick at it's centre of balance you just found. Like this...

3. Grip the stick firmly so you won't let it go, but light enough that it can move freely.

4. Hold the stick perpendicular to your hand, like this...

5. Now you want to draw a small circle in the air, clockwise, with the tapered end of the stick.

6. And now draw a small circle with the heavy end, clockwise too. Do steps 5 and 6 a few times to really get the feel of the stick moving between your fingers.

7. Ok, now your ready to do bigger circles. With the tapered end first, draw a bigger circle in the air. You need to rotate your hand slightly (like the queens wave!) to get the stick to do a bigger circle.

8.Then quickly rotate the heavy end, pushing it down to help the rotation with your middle finger. Rock those two fingers back and forth (like they're walking) to get some momentum up.Like this..

9. The aim is to get the stick to brush along your arm and hand so it's doing the biggest possible circle rotation on each side. All the while remaining in the base of the two fingers you first placed it. Rocking those two fingers

10. Like anything you are learning, it takes practice, practice, practice!! Keep trying and you'll get the hang of it!!

Now where to show off your new-found 'quirky' skill?? Why here, of course!! I'd love to see you twirl that drum stick!! Even if you come across this post a year from now, go for it, leave me a comment, email me some photos!! I'd love to hear all about it!!

Rock On!!

Courts x


Bianca said...

drumstick twirling would fit in nicely in your household! my quirky skill is playing sweet child of mine on guitar behind my head :)

Amy of The Salvage Collection said...

love the weird posts best of all! i cannot twirl a drumstick but i can kicka@# with a field hockey stick!!

thanks for your recent your blog!!


Nadine said...

I've spent some time perusing your site here and I love all your projects as well as your sense of humor! This post however I couldn't resist an immediate comment cause you're right...who doesn't need to unleash their inner rock star! If I knew it was this easy though I'd be a rock goddess by now with my mad (albeit ancient) twirling skills...I thought it involved some oddly colored hair at

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