Sunday, 13 November 2011

A Little Upholstery And A Thank You!

A little Parker foot stool I've just finished in a cool Ikea fabric. It was my first real go at putting piping in and lets just say I need some more practice!! It looks fine in the photo or from a distance, but up close it's a different story!
This could also be a before shot of the brown chair...

I have BIG plans for it!! It's on the to do list that I call my no-matter-how-many-projects-I-pump-out-there's-still-exactly-the-same-number-of-projects-on-my-list list! Do you have one of those?
This is the back side ;) of the footstool.

I think my piping is doing the mexican wave!!! Anyway, practice makes perfect and I have a project coming up that will give me plenty of that!

I also today want to acknowledge and give a BIG thank you to Revi from Revisionary Life who awarded me with the Liebster Blog Award recently. Revi and I have been blogging about the same amount of time and have followed each other for a while now. She loves to paint and re-purpose old things to, like this awesome lamp that caught my eye..

Or sometimes she finds cool things that are just perfect as they are...

There are rules for accepting this award and I'm regretfully not going to receive this award. I found that the last time I won an award, it was a LOT of work figuring out who to pass it on to and linking to them, not to mention the guilt afterward that I had just passed on a lot of work to other bloggers. Quite a lot of them didn't accept the award and I wasn't offended, I understood. We are all busy people!!
I'm grateful to Revi for the award and I hope she too understands!!

I'm posting a couple of make-it-yourself projects this week, a little different from what you usually see here at apprentice extrovert so I hope you come back and check it out! Don't worry, they're easy to do!!

Thanks for reading,

Courts x

1 comment:

Queen of Chairs said...

I like the stool alot, I think it's super cute. I like you am new to the piping world. from what I see it looks pretty good!

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