Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Make-It-Yourself Fake Books

I half heartedly contemplated calling this project 'faux books' but for some reason, I don't like the word faux. It's just not a word I ever use!

This project is really easy and there are limitless variations and uses for some fake books, so lets get to it!
Here's what you'll need:

Small book sized boxes.            I used biscuit, coffee and snack boxes.
Craft glue or hot glue gun        I used both
Spray paint/s                             In whatever color/s you like
Permanent marker

The first decision you'll need to make is how many 'books' you want to have. There is a rule about using odd numbers when grouping objects together as it works so much better visually.  I generally like to break rules so I compromised and did one set with 5 and one with 6!! :)

Arrange the boxes in order that looks appealing to you. A few random heights and thicknesses work best, just like real books. Hot glue each one together in the order you chose. I did mine upside down as the botooms of the boxes were neater to be the top of my books.

Apply your craft glue to where you opened your box so that it's now closed down flat. You could also at this point put something inside, like rice perhaps, to add weight to your books if  necessary.

Once the glue has dried, it's time to paint. This is after one coat...

Let it dry then apply second coat.

Leave it now for at least 24 hours to dry, then you can draw on any design you like to make them look more 'bookish', using your permanent marker. I went really simple with mine, it's more me!

You could go more out there...have each book a different color, paint them with more texture so they look more real. The sky's the limit!
So why did I make these?

I'll share that very soon!
Oh, do you like the book ends? They are easy, easy to make!! Stay tuned for a tutorial on how to make some for yourself, or for a unique Christmas gift for a loved one.
Yeah it's only 6 weeks away, crazy!! One more hair cut to go for 2011 for those 6 weekly trim people!! I still think like that even though I haven't cut hair for a couple of years now, old habits die hard!!

Have an awesome week!

Courts x

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Sophie from Grins and Sighs said...

Hi Courteney,

very cute idea. I really like the fake books! Just have to get myself that library and feel it with them.

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