Thursday, 8 December 2011

3 Things Your Hairdresser Needs You To Know...

...but might not have told you for various reasons.

In case you missed it, I did a post about how I used to be a hairdresser. I want to pass on some of the things I learned over my 15 plus years in the industry and this is the first post on the subject. Sorry, no pretty pictures for this one! I may or may not be going OTT here. I apologize now in case you think I do!

1. How-to wash your hair. Properly.
Yep, it's not just lather, rinse and repeat. There's a bit more to it and if you haven't been told the in's and out's of hair washing, I will be posting about that soon, it's kinda long!

2. If you love what they do, tell everyone! Hairdressers rely on word of mouth advertising, so do them a favour and let your friends and family know what a great job they do!
And even more importantly, if you don't love what they do, tell them!! I know it's not easy to say, 'Look, I'm not really happy with the cut/color. Is there something that can be done to change it?'  But as a hairdresser, I would be so much happier if you said it to me and I could fix it, rather than not having the chance and you leaving the salon and telling all your friends what a hideous job I did.
As a professional, I would do everything in my power to make it right for you. You have to wear it! You wouldn't be the first to tell the hairdresser you didn't like it and you probably won't be the last! Things happen. Hairdressers have bad days too.

3. The reason why you sometimes have to wait for a hairdresser is not always their fault. Sometimes it is. They didn't allow enough time for the work they had booked in. Or sometimes the scenario goes like this...

A client arrives 20 minutes late for their appointment because they had a flat tire/sick child/can't get a park etc.
How can you tell someone who's child suddenly became sick and they had to wait for their husband to get home before they could travel the 30 mins to get to the salon for their scheduled hair cut, which they've waited an extra 3 weeks for anyway because you're so busy, that because they're late you can no longer do them and you can't squeeze them in until next week? Or next year! Nobody's that cruel, right?
So you do their hair, which they're grateful for, but you're then running 20-25 mins late for your next client. And the client after that and the one after that.
It's nobody's fault. It just happens sometimes.

On a side note, in case your wondering where the time gets made up. And I'm coming from plenty of experience here (as if you couldn't already tell! Rant much?) The hairdresser makes it up in his/her lunch break if the client was late in the morning. Or they work late, for no extra pay, into the night until everyone's done!
Next time your having your hair done and you have to wait a little, give your stylist a hug! He/she may just need it!! Chances are they're feeling a little stressed and are probably hungry to boot! Especially this time of the is the silly season after all!

That about wraps it up, hope it gives you a little insight into a hairdressers world. Please don't take offence if you've ever been late to a hair appointment! I was 15 minutes late to my waxing appointment last week! I apologized and it turned out ok, luckily I'm not that hairy!!
The bottom line is, we're all human. Mistakes are a given.
Maybe we could start a movement? Hug-a-hairdresser! I'm sure they'd appreciate it, I know I would!

Bring on the weekend!!

Courts x


The Moerks said...

I am getting my hair cut next week. I will be extra specially nice to my lovely hairdresser!

ZippyZippy said...

Hi Courts - great post, I have been back after hair cuts to snip a bit more, or to fix up an unruly curl not playing the game. I know hairdressers work long hours on their feet - I take my hat off to them all :)

Bianca said...

i'm interested to know how on earth you're supposed to wash you hair?!

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