Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year!!!

2012 is almost here! Crazy right?!

Christmas is over and done with for another year. We had a wonderful time at my in-laws (there were 40 of us!!) and here's a little look at the view from their farm...

not bad?!!

It was a hot, hot day like most of the country. But we survived. Lots of cold food, cold drinks and plenty of sitting around seemed to do the trick!

We've been home again for a couple of days, and found heaps of these waiting  for me to try and do something with...

We're kinda new at vegie gardens so I didn't quite realize that 3 cherry tomato seedlings could turn into the amount of fruit we're getting! Not to mention all the other vegies we have in! 
Luckily one of my goals for the year is to try new and healthy recipes as well as to incorporate organic foods into our diet. I'm slowly learning to be more adventurous with cooking, so hopefully it'll become less of a chore and more fun!

Do you set goals for yourself for the year?

It's something I've done in the last 5-ish years, and I find it helps me get things done, sometimes without even realizing it! There might be a small goal that I kinda forget about and then the end of year comes and you notice you did it ages ago. It's also a way to challenge myself, get out of the comfort zone every once in a while. (Starting a blog was goal I had for 2011)

Writing goals down on paper somehow makes them achievable. Do-able.
I highly recommend it!

Stay tuned for lots more furniture re-designs in 2012 as well as more of our house. My to-do list is as long as ever...cross one off and two more appear! Just the way I like it!!

To kick off the new year on a positive note and in the words of Adele Basheer -


Courts x


The Moerks said...

Happy New Year to you too Courts. I hope you are tucked up somewhere nice and cool. Deb

Catherine said...

Happy New Year Courts! Looking forward to seeing all your amazing work this year!

Queen of Chairs said...

Happy New Year!

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