Thursday, 15 December 2011

How-To Wash Your Hair....Seriously!

Welcome to my highly anticipated post on...wait for it...yep, I'm actually going to explain how to wash your hair.


Well my version of properly anyway!
Just in case it's never been explained to you by your hairdresser. The many benefits of this way include;  Longer lasting hair color,  more manageable hair and you can save precious time and money!!

Just to start off, what you are about to read is what I learned during my 15 plus years as a hairdresser working with professional salon products. These strategies work for me and hopefully they will for you to. For further information regarding your hair, speak to a professional hairdresser, preferably one who knows your hair. They can recommend products specifically for your current hair and scalp type, they both can change over the years!

1. How often to wash?
My answer to this generally frustrates 2 out of 3 people! I recommend to wash your hair no more than twice a week. Once a week if you can.
Yes, I'm serious!
I can hear the cries already....but I've got an oily scalp, I can't not wash it everyday! I use a can of hairspray everyday, I can't go a whole week without washing it! Or, I feel weird if I'm in the shower and I don't wash my hair!
Let me first explain my reasoning and then I'll answer those 'questions'.
Shampooing hair removes sebum (natural oils) from your scalp and hair. We need sebum to protect your scalp and it helps to stop hair from drying out. Shampoo can fade your hair color (as well as other external aggressors, like blowdrying.) Even though you are then replacing moisture with the conditioner you use, the good stuff is already gone. Bottom line - if you want your color to last longer, shampoo it less.
 Imagine only washing your hair 52 times a year. Or 104.
You've just saved a lot of time and money.
For the hairspray users....There are lots of wonderful hairsprays on the market nowadays that are flexible, so brush out easily. You can re-apply the next day if you've brushed it out at night.
I have used this one...

find stockist here
And it gives a great hold, but doesn't leave your hair feeling like concrete. BTW soft, sexy styles are very feminine and are 'in'!  A lot of salon products are water soluble these days, so they can be removed with water. You can still wet your hair through and re-apply products, you're just skipping the washing process.

For the oily scalps, there are way's to help reduce the over-production of sebum...if you really want to know more on this, send me an email and I'd be happy to answer your questions!

If it feels wierd to you to not wash your hair everyday, first try washing it every second day to start off with. The day you don't wash your hair, wet it if you want.
For the record, I'm a twice a week girl.

2. What products to use. (BTW, when a hairdresser uses the term 'product', it does include shampoo and conditioner as well as styling products. In this instance, I'm specifically talking about shampoo and conditioner.)
Ask your hairdresser what they think is best for you to use. They know your hair the best. Trust them. What I know is this: Salon products generally use the latest technology/ingredients, that's why they cost more. However, you use less. This is something you have to teach yourself when you first start using salon products, you don't need to squeeze out a palm full each time you wash your hair! Also, and this is important......Choose your shampoo according to your scalp type and conditioner according to your hair type.
Got it? Shampoo - scalp, conditioner - hair. Good!

3. Always shampoo your hair twice.

The first shampoo will clean your hair, the second shampoo will do the job it's supposed to. What that means is, say you're using shampoo for your dry scalp. The first one cleans your hair, then the second one addresses the issue of your dry scalp, you leave it on a minute so it has a chance to deliver extra moisture into that scalp of yours. If you only do one quick shampoo, it never gets the chance to do it's real job! Let it do it's job, that's why you picked it!!
The first shampoo probably won't lather up but don't worry, it's still doing the cleaning. Sometimes though, if you feel your hair's extra dirty, give it 3 shampoo's. The first 2 to clean, the last one to do it's job!

4. Always condition.

Select your conditioner according to your hair type. Comb it through, it spreads easier and you use less. Leave it on a couple of minutes to let it work it's magic. I'd recommend you only use those 2-in1 shampoo and conditioners if you're in someone else's bathroom and that's all there is!!
Conditioner seals and protects your hair as well as giving it some all important moisture. If you don't use conditioner because you have fine hair, use a leave-in spray conditioner. You still need the moisture and protection but this way it won't weigh your hair down.

Well, I hope this has been enlightening. Some people may already be twice a week washers, some of you might wonder what planet I'm from! That's ok! Even if you try cutting back a little, I know you'll see improvement. Providing you're using the right products for you, of course!
If you're giving new products a try, shampoo for your scalp type and conditioner for your hair type, give them a chance. You need to try them for a month or two, to really see if it's working for you. If your hairdresser isn't recommending the right products for you, it might be time for a change!
Until next time,

Courts x


The Moerks said...

Oh Courts, I am shuddering, I am a once a day girl with fine tending to greasy hair. I will try. Thanks though, I will get my daughter to read this post.

Twice Nice said...

You know I think I will try going to 3 times a week and see if I can work down to 2. As a girl with fine hair that is definitely starting to thin (?horomone challenges??) this sure couldn't hurt. Great tips! Thanks for finding my blog so I could find yours!

Anonymous said...

I have thin hair and I wash it every other day but by day two at night I can't go out it looks really greasy, and it falls a lot
So any advice would be great, thanks

Courtney said...

Hi anonymous, thanks for the great question! Shoot me an email, which you can find via the contact tab up the top, that way I'll be able to email you personally with some ideas for you!

Michele @ The Hills are Alive said...

Hmmm ok
Willing to give this a go but a few questions:

* how do you find what your SCALP type is? or your HAIR type for that matter (ask a good hairdresser??)
* I have dead straight thick hair but my little girl has super long and quite thick super curly hair that is prone to tangling. I try to only wet and conditioner her hair and shampoo every 2nd or 3rd time she has a shower but it is still quite tangly. Any tips or can you do some posts on managing curly hair, best way to look after, good products you would recommend for curly hair thanks x

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