Monday, 23 January 2012


I know I've said it before but...I Love Instagram!!

I also love my green jeans and havaianas!!

Here it is now in our 'music corner' with the huge yellow cushion I made after Christmas from my stash of Ikea fabric! Note the big, white bare walls...they're on the list for this year!

It's a good place to chill with the headphones on!
Mind you, when we've just had over a week at the beach...I don't really need to chill, I need to kick it back up a gear.
Well maybe not just yet :)

How about you, are you in fast or slow motion at the end of our first month of 2012?!

Courts x

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ZippyZippy said...

Hope you had a great time down at the coast.
Still in slowmode here I'm afraid.
Do you also use Wedstragram?
Have a great week

Catherine said...

Wow - those photos are seriously cool. I'll have to check it out.

I feel like I'm in slow mo - you know when you feel like nothing is moving fast enough?? I'm trying to work on one room at a time but it's hard! Hopefully will have something new to post today or tomorrow (she says whilst crossing fingers and spending too much time on pinterest!).

Janeous said...

Hi Courtney!! I am a HUGE fan of instragram, too! :D
Thanks for dropping by and I look forward to seeing more of your amazing projects (did you SERIOUSLY make that ottoman?! That's amazing!!) :)

Holly said...

I love your jandals! :)

Stitchingmum said...

Loooove the jeans and Havi's, I'd live in mine if I could (although I don't think I could pull of fabulous green ones like yours!!).

TwoThirtyFiveDesigns said...

Ok, I HAVE to know about the music corner....where is the bench from??? It is FABULOUS! Totally digging the pillow too ;), wonderful post and who doesn't love instagram?? Thanks so much for linking up to my 365 Challenge!

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