Friday, 6 January 2012

A Thank You And A Laugh.

I have a huge thank you to make to Amber at Queen of chairs for awarding me a Leibster blog award! Amber and I started blogging about the same time and have chatted a lot - the name of her blog first drew me to her! I consider myself a bit of a chair queen, but I think she just might edge me out on amount of chairs we own - check these out!!

I so want this one! She paid $10 for it!!

 Make sure you stop by her blog and make sure to check out her paintings. She is one talented lady!

Now for a little randomness!
 I heard about this a while ago and it made me really hard!!! So I thought it might do the same for you!

Ok, so go click on      Google maps

then click on         'get directions'

next to A put       Japan

next to B, put         USA  and hit enter

Scroll down through the directions to number 26 ............Ha Ha!!

Did you laugh?

Hope you're having a wonderful day, I'll be back with more furniture projects for you very soon!

Courts x


Lisa said...

Hey I thought of you today. Saw a cute side/coffee table in Vinnies. Fairly small but quite nice legs (like yourself of course). Only $10. I know nothing about furniture though so it may not be any good! And my daughter and I did the maps thing and laughed!

Revi said...

Hi Courtney,
Congrats again! I did the google thing - too funny! I wonder how long that would take?

Queen of Chairs said...

Hahaha me and my husband are laughing, funny!

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