Friday, 17 February 2012

Industrial Cool

I don't mind a hint of industrial-ness about the place, so I was pretty excited when I came across this chair and lampshade recently...

It's really a before and after of the stool, I'm not going to do anything to it. I love it just as it is!
Can you believe it was only $8?!!

And the lamp shade, which is HUGE, had wool wrapped around it that would've been lovely in it's prime but pretty filthy now! I forgot to take a before shot, sorry :) I was so eager to get the wool off!!

It got a few coats of orange spray paint and attached to my vintage floor lamp that I inherited.
Yeah, I know...I'm a bit lucky.

I'm not sure how long the lamp will keep this shade on for. I'm pretty sure Tony is not loving it!
I think the trick is to get a bulb with a lower wattage...less brightness for tired eyes at night.

I must say I love lamps, we usually have 3 or 4 on at night as our only light.
We have a massive room, so we kinda need a few.
I love the ambience it gives.

What do you use for lighting at night? Are you a lamp person too?

Hope you're having a wonderful week!

Courts x


Queen of Chairs said...

The Lampshade is Cool I like it, I am also loving your Art work on your shelf, If it was my shelf I would Cream right next to the Black Sabbath canvas.

Revi said...

LOVE your finds! I'm into industrial now...

Catherine said...

I love that lamp - and what you've done with it!

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