Thursday, 8 March 2012

A Baby's Nursery

A beautiful friend of mine (and her husband!) have just had their first baby on Monday!!

So exciting!!
Gosh it brings back memories...well I think they're memories...the first 6 months are a bit of a blur!

Anyway, they live in Melbourne now and she sent me some pics of her nursery which she said I could show you!
It's sooo cool...

I love their color choices, they didn't know what they were having! Its a boy btw!

See the cool rocking chair?!

We found this locally - a little worse for wear. Luckily on a visit not long after, my friend could fit it in her car and take it home where it was repaired and given a coat of glossy black.

I love gloss! It just makes everything better again!!

One last photo...

I love the plants too!!

I love greenery/indoor plants and always have something inside...I just have never thought to put greenery in the bedrooms!
I will now!!

Thanks Sare's for sharing these, and all the best with bubs!!

Courts x


Caylie Price, Better Business Better Life said...

Hi Courts,

Congratulations on appearing on Apartment Therapy. I just saw your article in the Mail Times and am a first time reader of your blog. Glad to learn of another Horsham blogger.

I absolutely love your friend's nursery. The beautiful dark wood is beautifully offset by the glossy black of the rocker.

Cheers, Caylie

ZippyZippy said...

Great article in the paper today! and, very nice nursery too - great score with the rocking chair too

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