Saturday, 17 March 2012

Just Finished...

this old, old, old, old, old (ok, you get the picture!) table -

See how wonky the top is?

It's been patched and fixed a few times in it's life me thinks!

It used to be white, well thereabouts...I'm guessing it was a shed table.

Someone used it to work on, store things on, paint on it.

I used it as my bed side table to match Tony's fast & furious reverse striped one on his side.

(We have new ones now!!)

I call this the ding table because it has so many dings on it!

I only recently decided I could do more to this little table. Mainly to the top, I love sanding so much that I couldn't resist spending some quality time with my orbital sander ;)

I've been trying a new product - beeswax polish. Its been around a fair while, I just haven't tried it until now
 and I gotta say I love it!!

Have you used it before?

In other happenings, I went to a local bloggers meet up yesterday which was just awesome!!
I learnt about google reader, google alert, more!!   There were 6 of us there this time and we definately plan to do it again soon!

Thank you girls for a lovely afternoon, great conversation and for sharing the knowledge. I'll definitely have more questions next time!

Have a fantastic weekend everybody!!

Courts x

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ZippyZippy said...

I love that green on the table, great job.
Was a great catch up yesterday, looking forward to the next one!

Lisa said...

Pretty table, I like the plain top. Yesterday was fun, we must see each other again soon!

Queen of Chairs said...

I really like that table, it would look great in my living room with the green commode!

Melissa said...

Loving the green!!!

Catherine said...

I love the table, and the green is perfect!

I'm a bit jealous of your blogger get together - I think I'll have to work out how I can find myself some locals!

Bianca said...

what are those awesome tin things on top of and underneath the table? you're styling is beautiful.

Courtney said...

They're the tops off two old vent pipes from our house (before we renovated) cool aren't they?!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i love it! that color is awesome!

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Oh how I love that color...awesome table you have here.


Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

Great minds think alike! Check out the table on my latest post. It must be a long lost sister to yours. :@

Visiting from FFF.

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