Sunday, 29 April 2012

Before And After - Re-Designed Chair

Ready to see the first of my latest projects that I alluded to yesterday?

Maybe fluoro is gonna be my new thing?

Maybe I've finally moved on from GT-Stripes? Who knows? :)

I've had this chair for quite a few years now. I love it to bits! It has been the best chair...perfect for breastfeeding and for rocking restless babies/toddlers/mothers at all hours of the night.
(It has springs in the back there so it does rock!)

It looked like this when I first got it for $40.

And then my Nan and Pop re-upholstered it for me to this -

Aren't they clever?! My pop has just turned 90, so they were both in their 80's when they did this!
They're both young for their age, always have been.
That must have been at least six years ago. Before I had any time or inclination to learn upholstery myself.

So when I decided it was time to re-design this chair, I pulled off the upholstery back to it's original - the faded peach color in the top photo - and immediately knew what I wanted to do.

I loved the texture of it's original fabric.

You can see Doyle sulking in the background! I swear he knows that the others have gone to the farm (my in-laws) and he's stuck here watching me paint!!

Yes paint!

I painted the chair.

And I love it!

I left the timber legs and arms just as they were. I love the scratches and worn look against the fresh look of the paint!
I've painted fabric plenty of times before, so knew what to expect. You can see some of those projects here and here

You can see here that the texture in the fabric shows through the paint...just what I was after!!

A little more modern now...more twenty twelve!!

Do you have a chair at home with perfect upholstery but maybe could do with a little facelift?

Here's how you do.

My Fast Five Details -

1. Make sure the fabric is clean, a vacuum will do the trick and tape off and cover any areas you don't want to paint.

2. Check out what colors of house paint you have lying around in the shed. Yes house paint! Can you use a color you already have? (fabric paint or adding a fabric medium is only required for fabric that you are going to wash - like cushion or slip covers.) If you need to buy paint for your project, a sample pot is enough for a chair similar size to mine.Be aware that whatever paint you use, the fabric is going to feel stiff.

3. Water down the paint. I added some water to the paint to thin it down a bit. It goes on sooo much easier and spreads better. If it's too thick, the fabric really soaks it up. I only did one coat on my chair! You want a runny-ish consistency, but not like water.

4. Paint it on in short strokes, kinda push it into the fabric. If its hard to get it on there, you may need a little more water in the paint.

5. Let it dry then sit back and admire your handiwork!!

If you have access to Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (if you're in Oz like don't - yet!) check out my good bloggie friend Amber from Queen of Chairs who painted a chair also, but used ASCP and waxed it as well!
Her chair is gorgeous!! If only she shipped to Australia ;)

Have a great week!!

Courts xx

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Catherine said...

This is cool! I love the shape of the chair, and fluro is starting to grow on me!
Seems like you were very productive with your time on your own - I'm jealous!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

that is so cool! i love the lamp, too!

Divena Lachana said...

wow, that's an amazing before and after! you're pretty bed sale UK

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