Sunday, 15 April 2012

Found...And The BIG Mistake I Made!

I am a frequent op shopper, as you may have guessed, popping in to our local stores most weeks.

Some days there's nothing.

Other days you can get quite a haul.
On one visit, probably about a year ago, I found this.

I glanced at it from afar, saw that gorgeous worn leather and wandered over for a closer look.

Ok, I might have strode over briskly. There were plenty of other shoppers there that day!

The price tag said $5 so I swooped it up, paid and left.

The timber legs when I got it was a unique shade of green, which I promptly sanded off, and I painted the edges in a custom grey I mixed. It was then waxed.



It's been used here everyday.

A footrest for us adults.

A seat for the skadoos.

Tony even said it's his favorite thing I've brought home. Ever!

But that's not where the story ends, folks.

A few weeks ago, my gorgeous friend Bianca from Ivy Loves Jack,, contacted me about the ottoman.

She had seen photo's of it online - with it's insanely gorgeous matching chair - and did some research for me, God love her!!

Turns out our $5 ottoman is a part of a set, with the 'falcon' chair designed in 1974 by Norwegian designer Sigurd Ressell. It has been described as iconic! And I hadn't heard of it....oops!

And an even bigger oops is the paint I have on it!!

The custom grey I mixed myself and painstakingly taped off each leg to get the perfect edge.

So maybe I use the term 'perfect' loosely... anyway the point is...

I painted a design icon!

Deep breath in...

lets look at the positive. It has a lot less paint, and I'll be honest...more subtly done, than when I found it.

Paint can be removed.

Deep breath out!!

Don't fret anyone. I'm on it.

The paint is as good as gone.

Moving on...

Now all I keep thinking is that someone local donated the ottoman to a falcon chair, does that mean they still have the chair? I NEED a falcon chair now!!!

How gorgeous is it!!! Look at the leather. Worn to perfection!

I don't even mind if it's not the same color leather!!

I'm not fussy!

And so, if you are an admirer of the falcon chair or any piece of interior design history

for that matter. My sincere apologies.

I promise I will rectify this mistake ASAP and return it to it's former glory.

Well, as near to it as I can get :)

What cool finds have you brought home from a second-hand store?

Courts xx


Sue SA said...

I don't think the renovating police are going to be knocking at your door, it looks great, you love it and use it so I am sure the designer would have been happy with that!

Revi said...

I did the same thing! I painted an early Heywood Wakefield bent wood table aqua. I'd already started spraying, when I turned it over and saw the stamp. Ruh Roh. NOW, it's a rule to check all interesting furniture for marks and google a bit before "improving" it. But, your chair looks cuter and so does my aqua table. :)

Christina said...

Oh dear! How did you get the paint off?

OAK House 5. said...

What a great find and what great inspiration! Just found you via Two Thirty-Five Designs. Well done!

Catherine said...

I agree with Revi - the grey looks cool! GToodluck finding a matching chair!

Courtney said...

Just with the good old sander Christina!! The green came off pretty easy actually, I think it was only one coat thank goodness!

Jamie said...

I found my falcon chair at a local thrift store for $25.00. I had no idea what it was, I just knew I loved it. I researched it immediately when I got home and was amazed to see how much they sell for. Now I am hoping to find the stool that matches it....a $5.00 price tag would be nice but I don't think I'll be that lucky again. Good luck on finding your chair. When you least expect it...

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