Tuesday, 3 April 2012

New/Old Toy Storage Solution

Its an age old question isn't it?

What to do with all those toys so that your home actually feels like adults live there to.

For us, they are stashed here there and everywhere. But more often than not, on the floor :)

A lot of them are in here...

And now, thanks to my wonderful MIL, we have this!

A massive old trunk, complete with beautiful chippy paint, that she rescued from another family member who mistakenly thought that this was junk and was taking it to the tip!!

One mans trash...and all that!!

Check out the corner details! I love it!!

This thing can hold a lot of toys!!

Did I mention I love it?

Where do/did you store your childrens toys?

Hope your week is as wonderful as my MIL!!

Courts x


Christina @ LittleVictorian said...

Cute chest! We don't have kids, but our Golden Retriever has a toy basket. It's impossible to keep his things in it though, because every time we put them away, he goes back and retrieves them like it's a game. :)

The Moerks said...

Wow, what a find. We fortunately are past the lots of toys in the family room stage. I was a fan of big cane baskets and plastic tubs. I love things sorted and labelled.

Sue SA said...

Ditto big ugly plastic tubs, but I would like a built in cupboard to hide them in, one day! I just removed the plastic toy box with hinged lid because the lid hit DS1 on the head while he was searching for a toy, and it hurt! Plus they are nasty finger slammers if you don't have good "struts" to keep the lid up. Great find, I hope you can retro fit some struts so it's kid friendly, but if not it will still look good as a stage/coffee table/adult secret hiding place.....my resume and work brief case etc has been hiding in mine for the last six years!

Bianca (ivylovesjack) said...

its a never ending battle! you're lucky to have your beautiful MIL, she's pretty amazing AND a great rescuer of cool stuff. love the big chest. ours are mainly in old suitcases x

Rachelle @ Adventures in Creating said...

Thats a great find! Your MIL is awesome. We also have an old chest we use for toy storage in my sons room. But we also have a bright plastic toy box in our living room... maybe I should switch them out!

janna said...

I have one grandson and FOUR toy boxes through out the house. All off them over flowing taking up my space. I am vowing by the start of summer to purge the house off the many unused forgotten lot at the bottom of each box. I wonder if he'll notice? He's two and the simplest items entertain him, plus we have been using our imagination to play. My goal one toy box as gorgeous as yours!

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