Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Timber And Paint Chairs

Hello everyone! How was your Easter?

We had a relaxing few days away at my parents and it was freezing!! I had to break out the scarves and boots, which btw I have a few new pairs of thanks to my BFF, who is the same size shoe as me and passed a few along while we were 'playing' in her MASSIVE wardrobe over Easter!!

I am very blessed to have her in my life, she's my number 1 cheerleader, picks you back up when you've been knocked down, super supportive and an extremely generous person who always has time for you - even though she is a mum/wife and has two businesses!!

(You can check out her shop here.)

So supportive is she - that she bought the very first 2 re-designed chairs I did that I'm showing you today!


This was pre-blog, so no before photo's sorry :)


This one I did in my fave black and white stripe!

And here it is in it's place in her home.

And the second one was covered with a gorgeous pure linen tea towell I thrifted (never been used!) which only just fit on the seat!!

Oh how I wish I could find another one of those!!

Check out the robot!! Cool!!

These bottom photo's are not staged...it's how her house looks all the time!!

These two were relatively easy to do. Straight forward upholstery and I only painted the backrest on the front and back. Easy peasy and looks unique, which is what I love!!

Its so awesome when you see something you did a while ago and you still love it just as much!

Its not always the case...sometimes I have creative bad days!!

So do you have somebody in your life who's got your back?

A BFF who knows all your secrets and loves you anyway?

I hope you do.

I'm sorry, but I cannot share mine!!! :)

Courts x


Sue SA said...

Wish my house looked like that, never did even before kids! I have a old bent wood chair which you are welcome to. Its at the folks, so no interstate travel required!

Betty Bake said...

wow - loving your chairs!
thank you sooo much for visiting and commenting on betty bake blog


Kara @ June & Bear said...

i love both of those chairs so much, but i am a real sucker for black and white stripes. you did such a great job.

Jen said...

I really really love the black and white upholstered chair. Can you tell me a bit more about it?

Courtney said...

Hi Jen!! The chair seat pops out, so I removed the old cover and used it as a pattern for the new black and white stripe - which is from ikea, and stapled it on.
To paint, I taped off the very edge of the chairs backrest and covered the rest tightly with newspaper to protect from overspray. Then I sprayed two (maybe 3?) light coats of gloss white spray paint, allowing it to dry in between coats.
The chairs are old dining chairs that were thrifted.

Hope this helps!!

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