Friday, 11 May 2012

A Mysterious Mystery!

It's been a busy few months here lately.



Weekends away...

along with the usual routine of kinder, music, furniture projects, cooking, cleaning...ok, you get the picture!!

My cleaning went to a whole new level this week when after being out of the room for a minute, I came back to my almost 2 year old saying "Spilt it. Spilt it" and showing me her milo all over the floor. To which I said 'that's ok', I cleaned up the mess and made her another milo. Pretty boring story right?

Wait. There's more!

A few hours later, standing in almost the same spot...ok, I was sitting on the chaise and feeling a little tired when I yawned one of those BIG yawns where you have to stretch your arms out wide and tilt your head back and it's LOUD.

That's when I noticed this -

Yep, that's our ceiling!

I immediately panicked and rang Tony (who was on a roof at the time) saying, "I think we have a water leak in the roof!! There's brown water marks on the ceiling in the lounge room!!"
He says "We haven't had any rain Courts, it can't be. I'll have a look when I get home."

Which he does.
He says "I think it's something on the ceiling. It doesn't look like water has dripped through."

And then 'ping' I remember.

It does kinda look like milo doesn't it?

We have 3 metre (over 9ft) ceilings at home. How could a not-quite-2-year-old get milo on the ceiling?

Especially when I cleaned most of it up off the floor.

One of life's many mysteries.

'til next time,

Courts xx

P.S It's actually still there...on the ceiling. Tone's ladders are at the place where he's working, so I can't get to it!!! I don't think the sabco mop is cut out for ceiling cleaning!!


Christina said...

Oh no! That must be one athletic child! Hope it doesn't leave stains behind for you. :)

Bianca (ivylovesjack) said...

oh my god, she spilt it alright. How on earth was she not covered in it?!

Catherine said...

That's hilarious! How on earth do little people do these things!

Rachelle @ Adventures in Creating said...

Thats hilarious! I'm still curious how my little one gets into the mischief he makes sometimes. They make life interesting thats for sure!

val said...

What a fun blog find!!!

The Moerks said...

Don't leave it too long or it might turn into Milomould ewwwww.

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