Sunday, 27 May 2012

Ottoman Upholstery Tutorial

Yesterday I showed you this ottoman I re-covered. And today I'm going to show (and tell) you how I did it.

I used a painters drop cloth to cover this. I've wanted to try it for some time after first seeing Miss Mustard Seed use it on her fantastic blog about 12 months ago.

I know I'm a little late jumping on the drop cloth bandwagon...better late than never right?! ;-)
I gotta say I love it! It has some cool texture to it and was easy to work with.

The first thing I did after removing the old fabric was to cut out a square piece of the canvas that would fit around my ottoman. I just wrapped it around roughly and cut it big enough so that I'd have enough to staple underneath.

Then on with the upholstery. The fabric goes on right side down and I pin down each corner, making sure it's on nice and tight. I used the exact same technique as I did when I upholstered the outdoor daybed.

Sew down each corner, making sure to angle your stitches back in towards the middle when you get to the very bottom edge. This helps reduce fabric bunching when you staple it underneath.
In the next photo it's already been stapled on underneath and you can kinda see where it tapers back in towards the middle where I've sewn down the corner. If I'd kept sewing a straight line down, I'd have to fold the excess over before I stapled and it wouldn't look as neat. :)

I've learnt from my mistakes people!!!

Cut off the excess fabric and turn it right side out. Then carefully slide it on the ottoman ready to staple. You need a little stretch in your fabric because you've sewn each corner in narrower. I promise it'll go on!!

Staple each side first, starting at the middle and leaving the corners for now. Then work on opposite sides, pulling tight as you can and then lastly do your corners.

You can then cover the base with some leftover fabric, or do what I did and re-use the original base cover if it's in great condition, as mine was!

See the little tiny hole in the corner? That's where the screw for the little plastic feet goes.
Mine was missing when I got this so I got more from ebay. You could use little timber legs or even castors.

Now for the design.

I knew what I wanted to do before I started so I had a little practice on a scrap piece of canvas first.

Looks a little purple...sorry about that!

I wanted a watered, washed out looking cross so I really watered down some dark grey paint. I used a BIG house paint brush that's maybe about 10cms (4 inches) wide.

As you can see, it went a little stripey on the practice run...and I liked it!! Kinda looks like a barcode!

Then the water spread it out a little, which is what I wanted so I went ahead and painted the cross on the top. I just eyeballed it, I'm not really much of a measure-er for the design part. I love things to look organic and homemade!

Love the texture!!

This was when it was just painted, before the water did it's thing.

And there you have it. Another ottoman down, one more in the works as we speak and a few more floating around with question marks hanging over them!!

Feel free to email me with any questions, I'd be happy to help you out. A big thanks to those awesome readers who have already emailed me questions through, I love getting them!!

Have a fantastic weekend!!!

Courts xx


Sue SA said...

Gorgous work Courts, although I must say I really like the red one, but I am a bit of a red girl!

Rachelle @ Adventures in Creating said...

Great upholstery work! I love that you freehanded the pattern yourself- love it!

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