Friday, 20 July 2012

I Got This Email...

I've been blogging for almost a year now, and have met some wonderful people along the way - as well as been inspired by amazingly talented writers/DIY-ers/artists/furniture re-doers etc.

I have awesome readers who keep on coming back to see what I'm up to, which is humbling, and some of them get in touch with me (which I love, btw;)) to ask questions or to let me know that they've been inspired by what they see here at my little old blog!

AC is one of those people. Yep, AC like air conditioner. Its how she introduced herself back in February!

She found this here blog and got in touch, showing me some cool DIY projects she's done with the most recent one being this -

Her awesome breakfast cart!! How cool are the stripes!! You know I love a good stripe here and there ;-)
What a difference from the first photo!!

Maybe I could call it a breakfast cart/drinks trolley? Is that vodka I spy there AC?! Now thats my kind of brekky!! Just kidding, I really don't drink often...only once or twice a day year!!

Now AC doesn't have a blog...but she does have a pinterest account which you can check out and follow here! Take a look at what she did with vintage water skiis...genius!!

Thanks AC for sharing your DIY project with me and allowing me to share it here :)

So if you are a new or non-blogger visitor - welcome!!! If you've been visiting for a while - Hi there!! Welcome back!! I'd love to hear from you, hear/see what projects YOU'VE been up to!
Shoot me an email. Leave me a comment. 
Who knows? Maybe your project picture could end up here for the world to see and love?!
I'm pretty easy to get along with...I promise! 

Courts xx

P.S Just to clarify, I really do only drink about one or two times a year...if that. I know, I'm a rare species. Who ever heard of a non-drinking Australian?!! x

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Catherine said...

I've been over to pinterest - love the skis as shelves, what a great idea!

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