Thursday, 9 August 2012

Before And After: Thonet Chair

Well first, I have a huge thank you to send out to everyone who left me such wonderful and encouraging comments after my change is good post the other day!!
I really needed it (and still do!!) as it seems to get harder the longer this juice fast goes on!!

BTW, today is day 21 and I've lost 10kgs (22 pounds), yay!!

If you missed the post - click here to read all about our juice fast and for links to the site where I got all my info.

Now onto the before and after!!

I came across two original thonet bentwood chairs recently - when I was in my lucky streak - and I really, really wanted to NOT paint them...

It wasn't meant to be.

They both have been very heavily lacquered with a thick varnish that had started peeling off. It was patchy of course and I tried getting it all off so I could just re-seal it, but it would have taken me forever to get it off being as there are no flat surfaces really on these chairs!

Here's the before -

I didn't take a close up of the peeling varnish and it looks ok in this pic!!

But it wasn't.
So I opted for glossy black instead and some of my favorite Ikea fabric!

These two will live around our dining table - when the other one is finished!

With all my new-found energy courtesy of only drinking veggie and fruit juice, I'm accomplishing a lot!!
These two chairs aren't even part of my 7 chairs I need to finish before September 1st!!

Although, I could just be procrastinating on them?! No - seriously - its the energy!! I can get more done in my day now, love it!! I have two more chairs underway so we're all good for the deadline!!

You can see completed chair 1 here and chairs 2 and 3 here which are for a surprise in September (that I'm excited about!!) and that I'll tell you all about as it gets a little closer!!

Hope you're having a great week and happy chewing you lucky things!!

Courts xx

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Catherine said...

That chair looks great! I know you didn't want to paint it, but I think its gorgeous! But, I'm so intrigued by September 1st, can't wait to hear asbout it!!

How funny - I'm working on a black chair at the momment too, something so similar it's ridiculous!

Queen of Chairs said...

I have two Thonet bentwood chairs also, mine are in the original condition, I won't paint them, I am a sucker for bentwood chairs, you did a great job, classic and modern. Congrats on the 22lbs, I bet you look great!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i love those chairs!!! i am always a fan of them.... the black is perfect and sleek!

Rubylicious Bespoke said...

Im still reading through your old blogs....I love those chairs. I went to pick up some things I'd purchased online and the lady had about 50 plus of them. I bought 6 then rang back and asked for another 6 including one with arms. Gorgeous, $15 each. I've got them in storage for now as I'm not completely sure how I want them so ill wait. Love what you did, gorgeous as always x

Anmol Garg said...

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