Monday, 20 August 2012

Chair 4!!

Oh finally I've finished another chair!! Yay!!

This is chair 4 out of 7 I'm doing for a September 1st deadline - I will tell you why the deadline...soon!

If you've missed them, you can see chair one here and chair's 2 and 3 here.

This one's upholstery had me stumped for a little bit - hence the procrastinating, plus I have four of these to do!!

But I got there eventually - 

A before and after -

And yep, I have used this fabric before...

I did a high gloss black on the chair frame - loving black at the moment - and just FYI, each of the four chairs will be completely different!

These chairs came from a golf club originally and are really sturdy and surprisingly comfy!!

Another flower on the back 

My apologies for the shadowy photos, we haven't had much sun here lately!

Wish me luck with the rest!

Have an awesome week!!

Courts xx


Lisa said...

What a wonderful fabric, and so perfect on that particular chair. I think I know what your surprise might be...I have my newsletter!

Bianca (ivylovesjack) said...

i'm having a glossy black love at the moment too! i've just painted most of the front door and it is perfect. hopefully i'll get a chance to start on some nice glossy black furniture painting soon too. love the chairs!

Catherine said...

That's fantastic! I love the fabric you chose, really transforms a seriously ugly chair to something amazing.

I'm so looking forward to hearing your news!

The Moerks said...

Looks great Courts. I am enjoying your festival of chairs. Deb

custom stickers said...

Looking marvelous. The chair and lamp shade design are

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