Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Chairs 6 And 7...And What They're All For!!

If you've been following along with my projects, you may have read that I have a September 1st deadline to get all my furniture and projects done...namely 7 chairs!!

Well I'm finally going to tell you why I have that deadline - I'm very excited about it!!

I am having an exhibition - entitled 'Vintageous' - of all my furniture at the local Makers Gallery here in Horsham for the month of September!!! I was asked a couple of months ago and have been preparing ever since. It's the first time they've had re-designed furniture on display, so I feel very honoured!
My things will be there for the whole month, so if you are local you can head down to the library during September and check out all my things in person - you can even buy them if you so desire!!

So, onto the final 2 chairs!!

Ah, my two current favorites - glossy black timber frames with black and white stripe fabric - check out that shine!!

Remember the before -

I have four of these and I initially wanted to refinish the timber frames - but decided that it would be way too much work for me as September 1st was looming. So I prepped two of them and painted the glossy black that you see here, then, being a typical female, I changed my mind!!
I decided that I could refinish two of them and have them done in time!

These two are staying like this and so is the pink one but this one below will be in a refinished frame (when I finish it!!) instead of a black one. It'll blend with the fabric better instead of contrasting so much.

I'll show you when it's done, of course!!
Its almost there! I've had to re-stock myself with sandpaper as I've used a lot more than I expected.
Hopefully I can go out to the shed tonight and work on it (and my Arnie arms;-)) until it's finished!

Before I go I'll let you know how I get the glossy black finish!

My Fast Five Details

1. Rough up your chair frame with your electric sander and 120 or 180 grit sandpaper.(5 mins max!)
2. Prime your piece with a spray (aerosol) primer. Ask at your hardware store if your not sure what to use and make sure you read and follow the directions!
3. I used spray paint (aerosol) in satin black (it can be matt or gloss, it won't matter) and gave it three coats, allowing the drying time in between (read directions!)
4. Apply spray polyurethane in gloss finish as per directions ( I did 2 coats) and get it from hardware store to. I used cabothane clear - made by cabots - and I'm extremely happy with it. (I've used it lots!) I think it pays to use a superior product for this important step.
5. You need to allow it to cure for a couple of weeks before you handle it too much. You don't want any scratches or dings on your beautiful work :)


Are you having an awesome week? I hope so!!

Courts xx

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Catherine said...

Oh my - I hardly know what to say first!

Stripe chair is gorgeous, my favourite I think.

AN EXIBITION!!!! how amazingly wonderful that they sought you out to do this, that's great news. PLEASE take heaps of photos to share!

Lea said...

Best of luck. The chairs are fab.

Rachelle @ Adventures in Creating said...

I've been loving all your chair makeovers. What an amazing opportunity to showcase them all in an exhibition! Best of luck and congrats!!

Korrie@RedHenHome said...

The chairs are terrific!

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