Tuesday, 23 October 2012

A Look At My Market Stall...

Get ready for photo overload...sorry, I'm extremely happy with how it all looked, happy with my sales and the awesome feedback I got!
I met some wonderful, creative people and had a lot of laughs so it was a fun and successful weekend all round!

The awesome sign that Karl did for me after getting practically no notice from me, which I am extremely grateful for...I'm sure he was cursing me;) This is a fabric backdrop (interface to be exact) and he airbrushed the 'extrovert' on for me. Well, I think that's what he did...correct me if I'm wrong Karl!! I am so stoked with how it turned out, it's very 'me' and hopefully I will get to use it again!
You can check out kds designs blog here!

My washi tape floor rug.

the morning of the last day above.

Us stall holders also got to sample some treats on Sunday made by the extremely talented 'lady whisk' who is a new caterer in Horsham and I must say...her food is to die for!!!
If you are local and need some gorgeous food for a small event (max 30 people) I highly recommend lady whisk and you can call her on 0438 841229 or email ladywhisk@yahoo.com.au
A peek at some of her food...

I ate that macaron at the front there and nearly keeled over it was soooo good!!

If you want to see more photos...surely not ;) there are a few more on instagram - @apprenticeextrovert 
My computer has the go-slows today and this post has taken me all day to upload the pics so I'm going to stop now!!

I actually have a before and after to show you tomorrow so I'll see you then!!

Courts xx


Bianca (ivylovesjack) said...

Been busting to see! Looks fantastic! Love the sign. How did you go? I absolutely LOVE the drawers with the wood stripes, do you still have it?

Lisa said...

So glad you enjoyed the market, it was a long haul wasn't it! Your display was lovely, and Lady Whisk can stop by again anytime - her snacks were delicious!

Catherine said...

LOVE IT! It is so your style, and presents you work perfectly. I love that you have things at different heights - that's something I'll need to steal if you don't mind!


Sue SA said...

Looks great!! Glad it all went so well :-)

Christina O said...

Yay! Excited for you, it looked great!

Rubylicious Bespoke said...

Just checking out your market pics. I'm thinking about doing one here but a bit scared so I'm researching... Or is that called sitting on my backside reading blogs instead of cleaning up ;)
Looks great x

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