Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Extrovert Excitement!!

We head off to Melbourne tomorrow (Yay!!) for the Abigail Ahern masterclass on Friday - which I mentioned yesterday - I think I'm going to be too excited to sleep!!

I also mentioned here yesterday that I had some other news...well if you click HERE you can find out what I'm up to ;)

I'll be back next week to tell you about masterclass etc. Have a wonderful weekend!!

Courts x


Catherine said...

Ok - first up have a great time at the course, can't wait to hear about it.

AND - what a great photo!! Another show! Great news!

I think I'm using too many exclamation marks...

Rachelle Falcon said...

Have fun at your course and congrats on the press news!!! Great photo of your and your work.

Tracey Bradshaw said...

Friday afternoon and we are passing through Horsham on our way from Adelaide to Melbourne for a family party.
Congrats on the media - great photo and write up!

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