Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Its The Legs That Make The Difference

Well I think legs can make a HUGE difference anyway. And yes, I am talking about furniture...although it could relate to humans too;)

Example: This awesome little set of drawers

Which you have possibly sighted here before looking like this:

And before that, like this:

When I got these, it had no legs as you can see and thought I was on a winner with the red casters.
But in reality, they were a little impractical. Who wants their furniture moving every time you open a drawer!!

So I had a brainwave (sometimes it happens) and I scrounged around in the shed to find these legs I'd been saving for a rainy day. Perfect!!
Since the Abigail Ahern Masterclass I've been looking at things differently and one of the words she used a lot was - oddball. I love something that stands out from the crowd. Something you can't find anywhere else and you're guaranteed that nobody else will have the same. Oddball!!
And thats what I think when I look at these drawers now. They were meant to have these legs!

FYI, way back when I first did these drawers, the paint bled under the tape and I did a mini-tutorial on how I fixed that which you can check out here!

What do you think?

Could you handle a little oddball in your life?!

Have a fantastic week and stay safe if you're in The States' east coast!

Courts xx

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P.S I've been a liitle slack on the blogging front, I know and I'm sorry!! If you follow me on instagram you'll know why (@apprenticeextrovert) if not...well, a long story short - I've stepped into chauffer/plumbers assistant role recently when Tony fell 3 metres onto concrete at work and has his arm in plaster for 3 weeks.
He is a very lucky boy!!


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i saw this piece in your pics before from the show and am in LOVE with its aweseomness. love.

Catherine said...

I love these drawers. I had no idea the legs were not original, and you're right, the legs make them super cool.

I used your paint bleed tip last week and it worked perfectly!

Sue SA said...

Thats the trouble with plumbers they need to be up high on roofs and down in trenches working hard, its a dangerous trade! Glad he is OK, bet you can ID a shifter from a spanner and drive the work ute like a pro...but does it fit two car seats?!

ZippyZippy said...

Very cool indeed, the legs make all the difference, but those red castors I love too.
Great article in the paper yesterday too!

5Bent Needles said...

oh dear nursie nursie, hope you all are coping with the patient and being patient! hope the arm heals straight and quickly for Tony

Retro Restyling said...

I'm coming over from Primitive and Proper! Love the stripes and the leggy legs!!!

Katie said...

Love this!! I would totally flip if I saw that in a booth! Love the pink and gold chair in the picture too!!

Rebecca said...

this is so great. simple, but awesome. love the legs!

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