Monday, 5 November 2012

2 Weeks Of Instagram-ness!!

If you follow me on instagram (thank you!) you would have already seen these pics, and are dismissed :)

If not, the following are a few of my pics I've posted to instagram (@apprenticeextrovert) in the last couple of weeks that haven't made it onto the blog.

1. The clutch I made from a $3 Kmart mat and an earring I had!

2. The view from my parents front yard when we visited for a weekend.

3. Also paid a visit to Imperial Living and bought a few things...including these beautiful Sadie floral pants which are THE most comfy pants ever!!

4. Out at the cafe after kinder with our 5 year old, she took this one of me;)

5. Trying a different far, so good! (bit boring i know!)

6. Tony took me to the 'jam room' and I had my first lesson on an electric guitar!

7. A green juice for breakfast.

8. My newest toy!! Thanks to Karen at Restyled Vintage for putting me onto heat guns and making my life a whole lot easier! 

Now you've had a small glimpse into my crazily exciting life...well, hopefully you didn't drift off to sleep!!:)

What have YOU been up to?

Is yours as exciting as mine?

Courts xx


Rustic Vintage Country said...

Woah! don't you just love toys like that! I've often seen those rugs (1st pic) in our 99p shop and thought there must be something you could do with one of those. Such good value. Great post and a picture of Led Zeppelin too! Suzy x

Catherine said...

That view from your parents place is beautiful - I'd love to be sitting there right now instead of madly running around getting ready for the school run! Well, supposed to be getting ready for the school run but actually sitting here looking at blog updates!!

Would love a bit of a run down on the heat gun. I'm thinking I'll get a paint sprayer for Christmas but maybe that could be on the list too!

Sue SA said...

Hmm nope! But off to the quilt show this week! Oh and we had chicken and chips for lunch at work put on by the boss and champers for watching the cup...not a bad effort when you live in the wrong state..its true that race does stop the nation!
Hmmm I dont take the kiddos out for coffee...thats a good idea though!

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