Monday, 19 November 2012

Before And After: Tall Side Table

I recently finished this table which I picked up at a local op shop looking more or less like this...

See where I singed the grass with my new heat gun? I kinda got in trouble for that!!

Its quite a tall table, pretty much a normal dining table height. It needed the bottom shelf re-attached, but other than that it was in great shape.

I mixed up my own color for this one...

I wiped a little black paint into the grooves on each leg to define them a little more.

 It looks so much fresher and has a new lease on life..maybe as a side table or bedside? Who knows!!

FYI, Abigail Ahern loves tall bedside tables instead of low ones - she says it gives a grander look to the room. I tend to agree and have always used tall bedsides...just not because I thought it was 'grander', (don't think I've ever actually used that word before!) but because it was all I had and now have grown so used to them, I always choose something tall to go beside my bed :)

This table (and the lamp) will be at the Makers' Christmas Market on December 1st!!

Hope you're having an awesome week wherever you are!

Courts xx


bec said...

this is awesome courts...what a facelift! I love the colour and continue to be addicted to your makeovers...have a great week.
Bec x
love the styling

Catherine said...

Love it - the details down the side of the legs are fantastic! And while I'm at it, that lamp!! Looks gorgeous!

Julie Boarder said...

Super transformation!

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