Sunday, 9 December 2012

Before And After: A Beautiful Bed

Would you believe this is the first complete bed I've ever painted?!

And I loved doing it :-)

I'm so happy with how it turned out and so is it's owner/s...yay!!

This one belongs to a fantastic client, Simone ...well technically her son...and you may have seen some of Simone's other pieces I've done recently - this table and also this awesome dresser and then there was this dresser too!

And because bed's are soooo hard to photograph unless they're in a room and 'dressed', the after shots have been taken (and styled) by Simone after the bed was delivered yesterday, then sent through to me within an hour or so!! Gotta love technology ;-)

Hasn't she done an awesome job!!!

Well done Simone, the pics are so fantastic - thank you!!

Here is the before...

which I took...not quite so dazzling is it?!

Some more afters...

Recognize the dresser? (if not you can check the before and after for it here)

There's just something about a little black in a room. It just somehow lifts other colors in the room. If you had everything in the room black it wouldn't'd be too much and just look wrong.
But it so works in this room :)

And at our place below...

It works too. Love it! 
This is an instagram pic - we haven't yet done the house tour photo shoot :)
It's kinda been pushed down the list a little. We'll get there...eventually!

So could you use a little black at your place?

Hope you had a stupendous weekend!!

Courts xx

PS. The bed was painted in DIY chalk paint and I will tell you a little more about chalk paint and dark colors in the next few case you want to try it yourself ;-)

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Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

it looks perfect! how fun is that bedding he has!

Allison said...

perfect!....goes so well with the dresser. if by stupendous you mean holding buckets and faceclothes for two puking kids, then oh my was it stupendous!!!.
on the upside it helped in making the decision on whether to get new couch before or after xmas!....not salvageable im afraid...(yay!)
sorry ive spoiled your pretty post by talking about puke!....soooo tired!
Allison x

Fiona said...

Wow - you are a clever girl. And yes, I'd love to hear more of your tips.

Rebecca said...

my husband wants me to include more black in our home. at first i disagreed, but i love the way you do it subtly with just a piece or two.

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