Monday, 3 December 2012

Some Embarrassing Market Photo's...

Let me first say that I had a fantasticly awesome time at the Makers' Christmas Market on Saturday...I met some wonderful people and caught up with a few I haven't seen for a long time, enjoyed the sunshine and sent the most amount of extrovert furniture ever, off to their new homes!!

So why the embarrassing photos?

Well, it was my display.

I had a huge area and not much stuff so it all looked rather sparse and boring.

My creative juices were definitely not flowing last week and so I kind of plonked my furniture down and went with it. I had decided not to do any really small stuff as I really want to focus on furniture, and so without lots of small things to fill in the gaps...this is what you are left with...

having said all of that (and feeling embarrassed by my lack of creative displaying!) it made no difference to how my day went in the end and I got over it pretty quick :)

On a completely different subject...if you are in Victoria or get the channel 'gem' where you live, The movie 'Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead' is on tonight at 9.30.
This doco helped me make some positive changes in my life (which you can read about here and here) I cannot recommend it highly enough to watch!!

Courts xx


Restyled Vintage said...

Well Courts I see what you mean about your sparse display but if your furniture still sold then obviously people liked it even though it wasn't all prettied up with small stuff and backdrops etc...that is a good thing :)

xx Karen

Catherine said...

Results speak louder than anything I can say... but I rarely say nothing, so here goes!! I think your work stands out and doesn't need alot of 'stuff'. It's bold and graphic and makes a statement.

Sometimes I wonder if all the added in stuff detracts from the piece, as people need to imagine it in their homes, not in ours. Who knows???


Allison said...

think u might be being just a little tough on yourself with catherine....i like it when displays give you room to think!
man i love those stools!
Allison x

Sophie from Grins and Sighs said...

So you sold the lot? That's excellent. I should really give the markets a go.

Courtney said...

Nope...not everything went :) it's definitely worth a try Sophie!

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