Saturday, 26 January 2013

Before And After: Grey Cabinet

Well hello!! Happy Australia Day!

I am still alive ;-) I've been away on holidays, relaxing and also...I have been doing some work!

I seem to have a few projects on the go at the moment with not much actually finished - except for this!!

This was an op shop find, that looked like this in the beginning -

Lovely warm orangey pine...don't we love it?! This stuff was everywhere in the 90's and if you still have it at your's time for an update!! It's not hard, I promise you! :-)

This piece is going to be a phone cupboard/storage at my in-laws place - so it's going to a very good home!!

You may be wondering about my styling...and really, I don't have an explanation for it.

I tend to purposefully not think about it too much and grab things that are nearby that I think might photograph ok. 

And I would not normally have Easter eggs at my house in January - that would be the girls Great-Nanna who always stops by with a treat for them and last week it was Easter eggs. :) I'm just thankful that it didn't start a discussion on how long until Easter bunny comes! Its definitely too early to start thinking about that!!


back to the cabinet and how I did it. (I may be getting a little predictable here)

My Fast Five Details:

1. I used DIY chalk paint - so no prep work :-)

2. I stripped and sanded the top, then stained it darker - a first for me!

3. I distressed then sealed the paint work with beeswax.

4. I sealed the top with satin polyurethane.

5. Changed out the knobs to these awesome ones!

If you have any questions just click on 'comment' below and I'll answer as best I can! Just choose 'anonymous' if you don't have a blog yourself.

FYI, Fast and Furious 6 is out in May!! Can't wait!! I'll have to change my 'fast five details' to 'fast six' :-)

Hope all is well with you,

Courts xx

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Lisa said...

Gorgeous! Love the handles, you always choose great ones. And Indy loves her stool that I bought from you! Although I could have easily kept it myself:0

Kylie said...

So Courtney, I'm just wondering, did you have to sand back the pine before you painted it? I have a horrible bookcase (pretty old actually - but its been stained with a hideous darkish colour), I really need a bookcase and this one is tall and skinny, the perfect shape and size, apart from colour of timber which makes it ugly. I haven't tried chalk paint yet (I know) but if I don't have to sand first, I will be...tomorrow! Thanks for your time.

Sue SA said...

Now I am actually a wood kinda gal, but I do like this new look cupboard, plus its a handy kind of size! Hope you had a lovely holiday and ready for the start of kindy/school routines next week!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

looks awesome, courtney! i love the new knobs!

Deb Hrabik said...

The color, the boxy style, the knobs, the wooden everything about it! It's always fun to see the before pic. That gives us hope for lots of old things!

Rachelle Falcon said...

Fabulous as always! I love the paint color and the knobs.

Rubylicious Bespoke said...

Looks beautiful, love the colour. I'm with you, honey pine is so easy to cover. I just did a desk and hutch and it looks a million times better. Glad you had some relaxing time.
Alison x

Corbin Page said...

Thanks Courtney! I am feeling much better. Love your color choice and new knobs for the cabinet. It looks great as always.


Catherine said...

Looks fantastic! I love the knobs you chose.

I have a confession - I have some of the orange going on at my place. It's very sad. One day...

Rebecca said...

This is great. The gold knobs are really cool and give it a pop! I just used beeswax for the first time, and it was awesome!! I love the cake stand on top too:) Thanks for linking up!

Zena said...

Looks awesome, I´ve been thinking of painting some of my studio furniture, and I have this color in mind, it´s great... your makeovers are fantastic. I will follow you

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