Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Before And After: Bedside Table

Well its been busy as usual here at casa extrovert ;-)

Holidays are well and truly over and we now enter the realm of early rising and lunch making as our eldest has just started school! She was well and truly ready and so was I...or so I thought. A good (private!) cry certainly helped!  That means that now I have three working days to get my growing list of furniture redesigns finished, which is exciting having not 'worked' for three years now.

I really don't think of it as work though...its my passion :-)
(like my swift subject change there?!)

So what am I working on?

Good question, I'm glad you asked!!
I have 4 projects on the go at the moment which seems to work well with paint dry times etc.
One is a bathroom vanity that's almost done (for my parents) and the other 3...well you'll just have to wait and see! 

Today I'm showing you a gorgeous bedside  that I've just finished for a client and I got to use an applique on, which was a first! I got the applique off ebay, thanks to a link from my client - I couldn't find them anywhere on line and didn't know they were called applique's here in Australia.
If you have no idea on what I am talking about - don't worry, the pictures will show you!

The before:

See? No detail up the back yet, but a quick trip to ebay and some liquid nails and paint and...

Ta-da!! Here's the link to the ebay store the applique came from in case you need one for yourself ;-)

I learnt a big lesson with this one -being that I am still relatively new at doing this for others. I had to match the color for the bedside to an existing piece in the bedroom where this will live. I took the swatches out and held it onto the piece and fairly quickly found the color that looked the closest to what I needed.
Away I went with the painting and I knew pretty quick that it wasn't the same color. It just looked white and the color it was supposed to be was light...but not white! I did a second coat just to be sure in my mind that it wasn't going to miraculously appear different...of course it didn't!


After a second visit and trying the color swatch on all sides and in all lights I chose the (hopefully) right color!   This one is still here with me but will be heading home very soon where I'll find out how my color matching went!!

I am definitely a little wary with light colors now...I think for furniture, it's safer to go a little darker than you think because it seems to look lighter anyhow. But only on lights/neutrals, not brights/darks. If that makes sense :-)

I think I've probably talked enough now so I won't discuss how I did this one, but its pretty much the same as my last few pieces if you're curious!

Hope your week is fantastic!!

Courts xx


bec said...

love it...and the detail at the back makes it!!!
nice job.
Bec x

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i love that applique on the backsplash- so pretty! what a sweet little table and i love the cottage look you gave it!

Restyled Vintage said...

Look super cute with the applique found the perfect one for the piece...I have a bit of a stack of them but very rarely find the right piece to stick one on!

Know what you mean about matching colours, that is a very tricky business and yes what looks 'white' on furniture doesn't look at all white on the sample chips! Better to go darker, for sure.

Congrats on becoming a 'school mum', a big step for your family! Enjoy your kid free days, it doesn't take long to get used to then the school hours seem so short, lol!

xx Karen

Catherine said...

Looks fantastic Courts! I would have had no idea it was an applique either - but it really looks fantastic! It's a very cool little piece of furniture too - I bet your client will be over the moon :)

Revi said...

Caught my eye, Courtney!

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