Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Before And After: Tennis Bench

If you are a country Victorian - or perhaps other states in Australia had these too - you would have seen a bench just like this at your local tennis club being used by players waiting their turn! Well this was definitely my first sighting of them anyway!! And I am totally assuming that you are the same age as me - 25 {wink, wink!!}

Ok...I'm no longer 25.

Haven't been for a while.

Anyway, where was I?

The tennis bench (not sure of their technical name, but I'm going with tennis bench) is now popular indoors as extra seating or as a place to sit and take off/put on shoes. That's if you can get your hands on one ;-)

This one belonged to my clients mum and lived outside for a while, but now after a revamp it'll live indoors at an entryway.
I loved working on this piece of history!! I wonder how many people have sat down on this over the years!

I did pretty much love it as it was when I first saw it...

You just cannot repaint a piece to replicate that sort of extreme natural wear!!
We all try, but its just never quite the same!

The first thing I did was scrape all the flaky paint off (and yep...it is lead paint so all precautions were taken.)

 Then I used my heat gun to remove the majority of the rest.

At this point, the decision was made to repaint and the white chosen is the same white as my clients walls - Dulux  Antique White USA which is a gorgeous, neutral white. Neutral meaning not really warm or not really cool in tone.

Painting shelving, cabinetry etc. in the same color as your walls was something I learnt at Abigail Ahern's Masterclass that I went to last year. 
Doing this makes your 'things' stand out instead of the shelves etc standing out which I think these photo's show. I know the bench is not a shelf, but you get the idea!

It means you can bring out all the 'stuff' you love and display it knowing that it's going to get the attention it deserves! And you can easily pack it all away and bring something different out when you get bored. Bonus!

Your eye is drawn to the cushions and scarf and map more so than the actual bench at first glance.
AND of course my new (thrifted) desert boots that are-probably-mens-but-fit-me-and-I-love-them-and-can't-wait-to-wear-them.
Although, I'm really not sure what my 25 year old self will wear them with ;-) Oh that's right...I'm not 25 am I?! Hopefully I can remember that when choosing what to wear these boots with! If you see me wearing these boots in winter and I look ridiculous...be sure to remind me (in a whisper please) that I'm NOT 25 anymore!!

In honour of Fast Six coming out in May...I have 'upped' my usual fast five details to -

My Fast Six Details:

1. Scrape flaky paint off with scraper.
2. Remove the rest of the paint with heat gun and scraper.
3. Lightly sand.
4. Primed with Zinnser cover stain just in case anything decided to bleed through to the white paint. You just never know with old timber.
5. Applied 3 coats of Antique White USA with a brush.
6. Sealed with beeswax.

(I kinda love all the fast and furious movies...in case you didn't know)

So...thoughts, questions - what do you think of the tennis bench? Do you think you could find room for one in your home? I know I sure could!

See You Soon!!

Courts xx


5Bent Needles said...

wow - what a transformation, yes we have all had sore rear ends perched on these benches waiting our turn to play junior tennis.
loving the interior styling
well done to another new life breathed into a previously loved piece.

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

love it!!! i love that style of bench and i love how you have it styled.

Rubylicious Bespoke said...

Yes I remember those seats well as I am (ahem) 25 too ;). I would love one, right near my front door. They are nice and slim (just like 25 yr old me!) and I would line the kids up on there each morning as they were ready to walk out the door, as in, rally the troops!
I love the colour, but I too love the gorgeous flaky, chippy look as well as when it was stripped back. Beautiful as always
Alison x

Anonymous said...

Courtney I love it. It looks fantastic in your home and now I want a map just like yours too! Thanks so much for all your work,

Allison said...

yes love!!...we have two, one if which is in a rather sad state...must do something about that!. dessert boots....love em! xx

Restyled Vintage said...

That's lovely Courts, looks much better now. That is interesting about the walls and cabinets etc being one colour, I haven't heard that before and am currently confusing myself over the choice in whites for trim colour in my house. I use alot of Antique White USA on furniture but have never used it in my home. I came so so close to choosing it this morning at Bunnings for my trim but at the paint lady's advice I went with a half shade of my wall colour, Resene Milk White (which I've used on walls before, it is lovely). The difference between half milk white and antique white USA is minimal anyway. Thought I wanted a crisp white (I tried Dulux white on white) but it just doesn't suit my house). Argh colour is a tricky thing and I am much more indecisive when I am putting it on my house instead of furniture (I have painting doors and trim!)

xx Karen

Restyled Vintage said...

that was meant to say I hate painting doors and trim. See the fumes are going to my head (I use oil based paint much as I hate the stuff I love the finish!)

Rachelle said...

Fabulous as always! I like your tip on painting shelving the same color as your walls, and I love your giant map!!

Courtney said...

You are so welcome Mandy!! I bet you can't wait to get it home and into its place now :-)

Sue SA said...

Hey what a cool idea, hmmm will have to be on the look out for one of these benches, so handy! Love love love the map!

Catherine said...

I LOVE this! Those benches are amazing, but I am actually TOO YOUNG to remember them. Yes, you heard right :)

I do love the original too, but all white would look so amazing in a hall.

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