Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Pink Ombre Shelves And How-To Mix Ombre Colours

It was so nice to use pink paint last week...

not something I use that often, and now that I have - I don't know why!!
I always considered myself to be NOT a pink person. But I may just be a convert after this little project ;-)

This gorgeous piece belongs to a beautiful family who are re-designing their little girl's bedroom as she transition's from cot to 'big girl bed'! She has a few little splashes of pink in her room already, so this one will work perfectly in there :-)

And I just so happened to have a few girly things on hand to style with ;-)

This piece is old. 

Like really old.

This was stamped under one of the shelves!

And that's why I love what I do!! There is just something uplifting about bringing something old and unloved back from the brink of being chucked in the tip - to something useable and lovable again.
I especially love making a piece of furniture a one-off.
Nobody else in the whole world has shelves in they're home that look exactly the same as this!! There may be similar, but years of wear give pieces character that is impossible to re-create.
Hence my obsession with vintage :-)

This is the second ombre piece I've done lately - the other one is not quite finished - and they are so much fun to do!!
Wanna know how?

Well...I'll tell you then!!

How-To Mix Paint For Ombre

1. Select your piece you want to ombre up. The best/only choice for the ombre technique is something that has a MINIMUM of 3 shelves or drawers/doors. More is better but definitely no less than 3. It wouldn't really be ombre would it? Just two colors!

2. Choose your darkest colour and your base/frame color. (the outside of the piece) White seems to work well with ombre, it makes it stand out so much more. The darkest colour of your ombre can be any colour you like, so go for it!

3. For however many colours in ombre you are doing, then get yourself the same amount of containers. (3 drawers = 3 containers) I use Chinese food containers that have handy lids;-)

4.  Now you going to have to guess a bit here...as to how much paint you'll need for each drawer/shelf. Then pour that amount into a container for your darkest coloured drawer/shelf.

5.  Put that to the side, then add a little white to the remaining paint and stir really well.(this is where it helps if you've chosen white as the other colour!) Add more if you need and stir again until you are happy with the depth for your second drawer/shelf color. Pour some of this into another container, enough to do another drawer/shelf.

6.  Add a little more white to the remaining paint again until you are happy with the depth. Stir really well before you decide it's right. Continue steps 5 and 6 until you have the amount of paint colours you need.

Then you are ready to paint ombre style!!

Other things to think about:

- You can then turn the ombre paint colours you've just mixed into DIY chalk paint if you like, otherwise you'll need to sand and prime your piece first.
-Generally, putting the darkest color at the bottom looks best so remember to number your drawers before you begin. Nothing worse than grabbing random drawers and painting/sealing them, only to find they don't fit back into the piece properly in the order you want! Doesn't matter if they are all being painted the same colour - but for ombre it does ;-)
- Consider the knobs/handles before you begin painting. Are you going to change them? If so it does help if you have them on hand first so you can make any adjustments before you start painting. Such as changing from one hole in the middle to 2, you'll need to putty, let it dry then sand and drill new holes first. Or if sticking with one hole, make sure it fits through existing hole before you paint. Its easier to drill a bigger hole if needed first before you paint.


Its a lot to think about but soooo worth it!!
Remember to ask away in the comments if you have any questions or if this just does not make sense!!
I'm happy to help!

Have a great week!!

Courts xx


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i just ove how this turned out- so sweet! i love the pink!

bec said...

a great transformation of a great old piece....sooooo pretty!
Bec x

Catherine said...

Fantastic!! I love the look of the shelves, and the colour looks fantastic! Bright and happy :)

So funny - I wasn't a pink girl either,. I wouldn't wear it at all, not even hair bands in my hair!

Allison said...

and that's exactly why I love vintage so much, its so individual. love the shelves...have come over to the pink side as well since having my darling daughter, who must wear pink at all times...I just must mum! x

5Bent Needles said...

Wow Courtney,wonderful transformation, a lucky little girl to place her treasures on these ombre shelves.

Natty by Design said...

This is darling!

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