Saturday, 16 March 2013

Before And After: Coffee Table

This went from not-so-beautiful orange pine...

To sooo much better with not a skerrick of orange to be seen!

I have an issue with orange pine (its ok if you have it...I still like you!) and there are a few of us who are committed to ridding the world of orange pine furniture, namely Catherine at Paisley Vintage and Alison at Rubylicious Bespoke . We've chatted on Instagram about forming a club/society of people for the beautification of orange pine furniture ;-)

One piece at a this one, which I am supposed to be talking about!

This one was for a client to match the dresser I also did.

I primed the top with zinsser stain blocker first - because it was being painted a light color, that particular primer will stop anything bleeding back through (mug rings etc which may not be visible, but can come through down the track) - then I painted the rest with homemade chalk paint. 

FYI, the cane chair I inherited from my Great-Aunt and I  have seen a photo of my dad as a baby with this chair in the it's old!! Sorry Dad!! ;-)
I have waxed it...and it needs doing again. It lives outside on the deck, so it gets pretty dry.
I'm leaving it natural because I know that if I painted it, I will change my mind and would never get it back to this!

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!!

Courts xx

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Rubylicious Bespoke said...

How funny, I did not expect to my name on here! I was just thinking today, we should start a hash tag on IG for ugly orange pine.
Looks gorgeous, you can't beat beautiful fresh white. And by the way, your floors are fab too.
Al xx

Sue SA said...

Amazing what a coat of paint does. But really glad you are leaving the chair as is...wicker is timeless. :)

Catherine said...

As I was reading I was singing that Queen song... 'du du du, another one bites the dust!!'

Looks SO much better - and nice that it has a story behind it!

bec said...

count me in on the orange pine deridification....(is that a word?)
I have a few of my own projects similar coming up.
nice job!
Bec x

Ally Mah said...

Do you use a particular brush when you use chalk paint? (to avoid streaks)

Courtney said...

Hi Ally!
I don't use a special brush for chalk paint, just an inexpensive synthetic one. I find that sanding in between helps reduce visible brush strokes (I use a 180 grit sanding sponge and a 320 grit one after the final coat.)
Also not putting too much paint on the brush and following the grain helps too. Once you get a few coats on, then sanded and waxed, you don't see many at all!
Hope this helps!

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