Thursday, 21 March 2013

Before And After: Sideboard (Part One)

This is one of those BIG transformation pieces (love that!) - wait until you see the before!

I've called it part one because this (huge) sideboard has an even bigger top to it - making it one massive dresser/hutch (never quite know what to call them:) which is almost finished...almost ;-)
Part one here has been picked up by its owners and is patiently awaiting its other half...better half even, dare I say?
Can't wait to show it to you!

It is looking superb!! 

Ok, you can check out the pics now!

Before -

Here's what I did (briefly)-

-I stripped the top back with my heat gun, then sander and stained it this beautiful rich red, then sealed it with four coats of satin poly.
-I primed and painted the rest and lightly distressed it before sealing with my fave beeswax.
-My gorgeous clients sourced the new hardware (love!) which I think really makes the piece. Even if I hadn't painted it...switching out the timber knobs to these would have been a noticeable change to the sideboard. A simple and inexpensive change that you could do fairly easily on your own piece ;-)

FYI,  I had to fill and sand the existing knob holes in the three drawers because we were changing from knobs to handles. I did this before I primed.

Stay tuned for some more before and afters...I seem to be on a roll this year!! 
I think almost all my posts have been before and afters!

Its almost the weekend!!

Courts xx
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Catherine said...

Looks fantastic Courts! The top looks beautiful, and the knobs are so much better!

Deb Hrabik said...

Wow! I want that in my home.
What a great piece.
So glad you share,

Sue SA said...

You sure are busy! Love the work but especially the handles.

Mogulinteriordesign said...

Very nice colors of sideboards.

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