Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Blue Ombre Dresser With DIY Handles

This one was a loooong (long!) you ever have those?!

I needed to fit it in between client projects so it took about three months to complete. I realize that this is not necessarily a long time by everyone's standards, but for me, who now has three (short) days a week dedicated to furniture projects...this was long  ;-)

I LOVED doing this one!!

Mainly because I custom mixed the five colours myself and had to come up with some handles to fit the existing holes and suit the piece.

Basically I got to let my creativity take over :)

This one was kindly given to me by some wonderful clients of mine and it is straight from the 60's!

And I completely forgot to take a before pic of this - must have been too excited to start!!
I knew straight away what I was going to do with this one!
I just love the clean lines! Perfect for the ombre look.

Unfortunately my creativity must have run out by the time I photographed this, I apologize for the boring photos!
Lack of time is my story that I'm sticking to ;-)

When starting this piece I was so excited to paint that I just started and didn't really think about handles.
I figured I'd find something later that would suit.

This proved harder than I thought, so I made them myself from sisal rope.
Tony drilled the holes out bigger for me and I glued on washers with liquid nails to cover the bare holes (Tony's idea!) and they work perfectly!! The washers kinda beef it up a bit!

I need to trim off those wayward bits!!

And there you have it!

Another one done and this one will be for sale. Perfect for a boys room I think ;-)

School is out for 2 weeks tomorrow and we are off camping over Easter with the rest of regional Victoria!
Hopefully the weather will cooperate.
I'd better go and pack!

Have a fantastic Easter wherever you are!!

Courts xx

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Deb Hrabik said...

Okay now that is awesome.
Props to Tony for the washer idea!
Super great,

bec said...

I get so excited when I see one of your posts pop up and once again you havn't let me down...:)
this is sooooo cool.
happy easter to you
Bec x

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

gorgeous! modern nautical, i think- the colors and handles are perfect together!

Rachelle said...

This piece was worth the wait! I love the ombré (I may be biased since blue is my favorite color) and the custom handles!

Sue SA said...

Love this, think I want to buy it, but not sure how I am going to pick it up?! Have a great Easter, take care on the roads.

Catherine said...

I so love the blues you have used on this - they are just gorgeous. Love the style too :)

Rebecca said...

I love it! What a great way to do the handles.

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