Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Peppa Pig Party!!

Our eldest turned 6 recently and requested a peppa pig party...well ok, I nudged her in peppa's direction after she had mentioned peppa and princesses in a party discussion we had.
I figured I could handle peppa much easier than princesses seeing as I would be doing all the organizing myself. (Tony missed the big occasion as he was on a fishing trip in Darwin)

So we had about 14 little girls arrive for some fun.

There was pin-the-tail-on-peppa


Vintage musical chairs...and no, I still have not finished the cubby house ;-) The dead grass is caused by the trampoline...love it, but the lawn sure doesn't!

And of course - food!
(plain LCM's refridgerated, cut in half, skewers added, dipped in pink icing then sprinkles!)

Goodie bags for them all to take home - which we put a little notepad, coloured pencils, bangles and some sparkles to sprinkle outside to make a wish with, inside. I wanted to steer clear of lollies as they all probably got enough of a sugar rush at the party!

The best part of all?

The cake!! 
(NOT made by me - I am not that great in the kitchen!)

How awesome is it?!!!
(If you are local and need a special cake made - email me and I can give you this creative ladies' deets!)

Lastly...the only shots I have of the food table.
The first has hardly any food on it yet and the second has the birthday girl and her little sis in it...wearing gumboots which all the girls did for the throw the gumboots in the muddy puddle (cardboard!) game!

So that's what has been keeping me busy lately...thank goodness birthdays are only once a year!!
A BIG thanks to Bianca and Edie's Nan and great Nan for all your help, I couldn't have done it without you!! x

Courts xx


Sue SA said...

Ha jumping in muddy puddles...my boys fav thing about Peppa pig! Sounds and looks like a great time was had by ALL those little girls.

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

adorable! love the cake and pin the tail, and of course i think your musical chairs set up is perfect!

Rubylicious Bespoke said...

That cake is so amazing, we love Peppa pig in our house too. And your vintage musical chairs is seriously fab, good to see I'm not the only one with an addiction to chairs!

Catherine said...

So cute Courts! The chairs in the musical chairs set up are amazing!! And the balloons tied to the green bottles are gorgeous!

Lyndel said...

the girls are lucky to have a Mum like you.... what a fun party

DaiseyJayne.com said...

so cute!!!!

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