Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Before And After: DIY Chalk Paint In Mint - Shelves

Oh chalk paint, how I love you.

The plan for this piece was to heavily distress the mint paint work and change out the hardware to bone knobs which I found locally.
It turned out perfectly and I'm so happy with it - hopefully it's owners are too;-) This colour was the subtlest of the choices I suggested and I think it's perfect and will work well with the neutral colour scheme they have.

It was bought originally a few years ago - possibly 10-15 - and was a rustic piece with surfaces that were rough and its joins were imperfect, but all meant to be that way.


But now its smooth as silk to touch and still a little rustic but in a more modern way.

I also painted the wooden bench in an almost white color and sealed with beeswax.
This bench was made by a local 'mens shed' and had already been primed, which made it an easy one ;-)
These two will be in an entry way together in a gorgeous, brand spankers new home!!

My Fast Six Deets

1. Clean the piece first for maximum paint adhesion. I have an air compressor always on hand so I use that to blow any dust/webs etc away, then go over with a baby wipe or two. Yes I do ;-)
2. Mix up a batch of DIY chalk paint in the desired color.
3. Paint on two coats of chalk paint - allowing it to dry of course and a really light sand in between coats.
4. Use 240 grit sand paper on a mouse sander and go over the whole piece, except for the ply back. I used the mouse because I wanted to heavily distress it but still have a little control over it, an orbital would have been too powerful and I would have lost that control.
5. Re-sanded over areas where I wanted more of the timber to show through, still using the mouse with 240 grit.
6. Applied beeswax, let it touch dry then rub off with a clean cloth. Smooth as silk!!

Any questions? I won't shoot you, I promise;-)
Seriously, email me any questions you may have with a project you are or want to do. Photo's are always helpful, saves you having to type a novel!
I'm happy to help.

Courts xx
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Lea said...

Love it! Courtney unused your chalkboard recipe on the weekend for some bedside tables. I will post them soon as I take some decent pics. It worked a treat. I haven't started on our chair project yet but after 'chatting' last week I am having a vision now which is a big plus for me! Thanks again for all your advice:)

Lea said...

Silly auto correct. Should say * I used

Kylie said...

It looks marvelous Courtney. I can't wait to see what Lea's done with those bedside tables of hers!
(love that cushion on the bench too btw) x

bec said...

a masterpiece as usual....about to hit the brushes now....
Bec x

Sue SA said...

Love the mint green and the new knobs, very cute. Hmmm might put in a request for one of those benches!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

looooove it! that color always gets me- minty fresh!

Alison @ Rubylicious Bespoke said...

Gorgeous Courts, love the colour. And I use baby wipes on my pieces too, they're the best! X

In The Night Sky said...

Great makeover, love the colour you went with - so vibrant ;)

Rachelle said...

I've been debating about using chalk paint on a new piece I bought. I love how yours turned out and I'm thinking you may have persuaded me to go for it!

Catherine said...

Love the colour, and the six fast deets are always great.

Restyled Vintage said...

Not sure how I missed your post but I'm here now...LOVE the colour, and LOVE the piece of furniture too, how cool is it!

I love me some baby wipes...I feel all smug buying them now I no longer need them for babies' bums ;)

xx Karen

Deb Hrabik said...

Oh, I love that piece. Color is fabulous. Your pendant stencil is awesome too!

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