Saturday, 11 May 2013

Before And After: Side Table In Abigail Ahern/Murobond Notting Hill

Way back in November I think it was, I did a Masterclass with Abigail Ahern - which you can read about here if you're interested - and was given a goodie bag which contained a sample pot of Notting Hill.
This paint was a collaboration between Abi and Murobond, and I gotta say...I love, love this colour!!

What do you think?

I was given this little retro side table (Thanks Karl!) and it had been painted brown in the past which I stripped off, sanded and then went to town with my Notting Hill.
Here's the before -

I also changed the handle over to a bone, striped one that I found locally.

I think you'll agree, after scrolling through the many glorious photos I've provided you with, that this one is now modern, useable and just plain cute ;-)

Oh and this one is sealed with satin poly, which is why it has a lovely little gloss to it. Yes I ventured away from my usual beeswax for this one. I also did not make chalk paint for this one either!
Will wonders never cease?!

Hope Your weekend is covered with awesome sauce!! ;-)

Courts xx

PS. Its for sale!!
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Alison @ Rubylicious Bespoke said...

What, no chalk paint or wax? whats going on??
LOVE the colour, my fav at the moment. It's really similar to the colour I painted my trolley but mine looks royal blue in the pics, you must be an awesome photographer ;)

Bianca (ivylovesjack) said...

Looks great!

Catherine said...

Looks great Courts - I love the colour too, and the knob is amazing.

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

love that color! the new knob is awesome, too!

Sue SA said...

Yum love teal! Such a cute curved table too.

Lea said...

Oh I love shape of this piece and the colour is wonderful.

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