Friday, 29 November 2013

Before And After: Little Old Vanity


I've got a few completed projects around the house now, all ready to be taken off to the Makers' Market on the 7th. Most of them are stashed in our guest bedroom, which kinda makes it hard for visitors when they come. But...if they're staying here, then they know me and know to expect a little furniture clutter here and there! The most recent visitor said to me, 'Just clear a path so I can get to the bed!'

This was one of those I needed to shift out of the way...

This one used to be a bathroom vanity which had a timber and tile splashback attached, which I have plans for, and it possibly had a tiled top as well.

I had a whole other design plan for this one, but...things can change and you've just gotta go with the flow sometimes, right? ;-)
I made the top out of tongue and groove hardwood which Tony then cut to size for me. 
He also pulled out three of the four castors for me with his big, manly muscles. I could only get one. 
Thank you Tony :-)

The inside is painted in Klavier (of course!) my fave dulux black and the outside is hogs bristle.
The whole thing got some wax, except for the interior which I used wipe on poly.
I also primed this first with cover stain so that the stain would be...covered ;-) Didn't want that seeping through onto my lovely white finish! 
The knobs are from Provincial living, but I removed a little of the gold flowery element to keep it a bit on the plain side. Sometimes I'm just not feeling the flowery, tizzy thing.

It would be a perfect bedside, hall table, entrance table, side table. You could plonk this anywhere really!
It's 900 wide, 420 deep and 740 high. (That's in mm's peeps!)
It is coming along to the market...not long to go!!
I think my stall will be on the smaller side this year, I have had so much custom work this year that I haven't had time to do much of my own stuff. But it's all good!!

Hope to see you there!!
Except if you live in another country...then you're excused. ;-)

*Update - This little beauty is now sold.

Courts xx

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bec said...

very quirky...

Peter Johansson said...

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