Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Before And After: Antique China Cabinet

Hi again!!

This beautiful cabinet was just picked up today by it's owner, who inherited it (lucky duck!), and here I am blogging about it already...go me!!

I was tested out a couple of times with this one (paint technicalities) but it all worked out in the end and I think it looks particularly stunning ;-)

What do you think?

I used DIY chalk paint for this although I did sand and prime the top first to cover some marks that were there. They were stubborn but I got there in the end!
I used my mouse sander to distress and just let the paint wear off where it wanted to, I didn't force it at all to keep it as natural as possible.
I sealed it with good old beeswax, which I sat in the sun to melt it a little and it goes on sooo much easier! ;-)

Just in case you're interested...this is the concistency I love my chalk paint, below. Nice and thick - however you need to add water regularly to keep it like this, especially on a hot day! It'll turn way too thick very quickly if you don't put cool water in regularly. 

Just like thick yoghurt/custard/cream! 

And the all important and always glamorous shed photo...aka the 'Before' photo...

On a complete side note, for any other furniture upcyclers that have seen the Ikea beeswax and wondered what it was like...I think they have some awesome furniture and affordable and modern designs, but I will be sticking to buying any 'product' I need for my work from the brands I know and have used previously.
It was fun to try though!

I have and will have more to show you in the coming weeks, you can barely get in the shed here at the moment for all the furniture in there...luckily I love to work just outside the shed and the weather has been perfect lately to do just that! :-)

See you soon!!

Courts xx


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

beautiful! i love the pop of color inside!

Allison said...

hi courts.....another beauty!....love that inside colour. now get back to that shed!! x

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