Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Before And After: Raw Pine Wardrobe

Wow...I just realized that it has been a little over 2 months since I last posted here!
Where has that time gone?!
Can we just put it down to an un-planned blogging break? Pretty please?

I used to think that being a hairdresser in December was as busy as you could get, but now I know that perhaps it is working mums/dads of school aged children that can have that title. It was a crazy, busy end to the first year of having a child at school and having custom furniture pieces to finish as well as all the other things that go along with everyday life and preparing for Christmas.

In January, it was so lovely to NOT have to stick to a routine. The girls and I had a couple of weeks at my parents in almost winter-like weather. Our plans of day trips to the beach had to be scrapped, but we still enjoyed ourselves - there are some awesome op shops where they live ;-) My girls are now seasoned op shoppers, that's for sure!

Anyway...onto the furniture!!

This wardrobe is brand new - which I don't get to do all that often - and came to me like this...

Please excuse the mess of copper pipes in the background!

This is a custom piece that I did for a client who was remodelling their daughters bedroom. You may remember seeing these colours before here on extrovert. :-)
We decided to keep a little bit of timber showing and to utilize the bright colour on the interior, so you'll only see it when the wardrobe door is open. (If their daughter is anything like mine, the wardrobe door will pretty much be open all the time ;-)) We left the back and sides of the interior as you won't see it anyway once there are clothes in there.

The knobs will possibly be replaced in the future but we ran out of time to source new ones before Christmas! I do kinda like it as is though!

Some technical info for anyone interested in painting raw pine or just in how I did it -

I primed the whole piece using my favorite - cover stain by zinsser. It takes a little getting used to painting this product when you have only been using plain old water based paint or chalk paint, but it always does exactly what it says it will do. It covers stains or covers so that no unseen stains (or tannins) will come through your fresh paint. Can't ask for more than that!!
The top part (I never know what its called!!) of the robe and the knobs were stained in a golden oak then sealed with wipe-on poly. The rest was sealed with beeswax, which is my go-to sealer. I love that it's natural. Or more natural than polyurethane.

So there it is - my last big re-design of 2013!!

There is definitely more to come!! I have other pieces finished, some in the works and some about to get started! My shed is packed to capacity at the moment!
Luckily Tony doesn't read this so he won't know that I've called 'his' shed 'mine'. Lets just keep that between us, shall we? ;-)

I hope your year so far has been relaxing and peaceful and you are geared up for a productive and creative year like I am! Lets do it!!

Courts xx

PS. I do hang out on Instagram a lot, so you can follow me there (@apprenticeextrovert) to see what I'm up to as it happens ;-) But I will be back here soon...I promise!


Sue SA said...

Welcome to the wonder of summer holidays. You crave them in December when everyone is tired and busy and curse them in late January when the kids are bored and fighting! I too enjoyed the lack of routine, fun trips to see family but it was nice to get back to "work" also! Hope your daughter has settled in to her new class, teacher and classmates well. Nice robe!

Julie Boarder said...

Glad to see you back blogging! I live in Canada, but am addicted to The Block and was just thinking of you the other day while watching it. Interesting to hear some of the judges comments, not always in alignment with my thoughts. Anyway, great to see you back and cute drobe (love that term!)

Julie Boarder said...

Oops robe, not drobe!!

Courtney said...

Hi Julie
I didn't realise you were in Canada! We used to love the block but haven't got into it really yet this new season. The judges can be a little picky sometimes, I wonder if the fact that they're on tv has gone to their heads a little so they go OTT!
Thanks for the welcome back!

Courts xx

Catherine said...

Glad to see you here Courts!! Love the makeover and the pop of colour... :)

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