Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Before And After: Mod Dresser Number One


I know it's been a little while between posts...again. I'm sorry! 
I appreciate you for sticking with me :-) 

Before I get to today's before and after, I want to say a huge thank you to those of you who left such beautiful comments on my last post about my fat loss journey so far - THANK YOU!!!! I truly appreciate it as it was a tough one to put out there. (Especially the photos!) It definitely encourages me to keep going with this healthy lifestyle! 

And now back to the regular programme and the topic we all love...furniture!!

You may have noticed the post title up there ended in 'number one'? Yes, this is the first of two similar style dressers I've completed recently. 
Which can only mean another furniture post coming up soon! I promise you won't have to wait six weeks for it! Yay!!

I really loved the simple and clean lines of this dresser. My taste in furniture is definitely changing and I'm really loving more timber, less paint in my designs. I love that design always evolves and changes. I love constantly being on the move!
I bought this piece to sell, and when I do that...well I like to push myself creatively and try new things. I also love to create a finished piece that I would be stoked to have in my own home. 
And I am happy to say that I achieved that with this one ;-)

Here is the before -

A bit on the orange side. A little plain. But not anymore...

I sanded my little heart out on this one, which I love...but I was glad that each surface was flat. No fiddly bits equals getting to the really fun bit quicker ;-)

To do the arrow design on the side, (which is only on one side, btw. I love asymmetry!) I measured the width to find centre, then taped my sections by eye, doing one section on each side at a time. I waited until the paint had cured before taping the next one. Otherwise the tape would pull paint off and it would have taken me longer ;-) I'm impatient enough already. 

The whole thing was sealed with hemp oil.

And there you go! This piece is currently for sale at the beautiful store Five Boroughs in East Brunswick, Melbourne. Yay!!

I will be back very soon with some exciting news to share!!

Courts xx
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Kylie said...

Love it Courtney, love it!

marthaleone said...

It's just right. Asymmetry rocks and you do it so well.

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