Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Before And After: My Fave Yellow Dresser


I'm back, as promised, one week later with my weekly post. Go me!! ;-)

So today's B&A is a dresser in my all-time favourite yellow! Which I cannot remember the name of right this second, I had some left over from the last time I used it so it's not fresh in my brain ;-)

But it looks fantastic, doesn't it?

This is going to be a change table/dresser in the nursery where this chair is also going to live -

and is also the same yellow I did on this dresser a little while ago -

Much better light in that picture!

It's slowly warming up here. Spring has definitely arrived, but bring on summer I say :-)

Here's the before pic of the dresser at it's previous owners -

This one already had been painted so I just went straight over the top with three coats of the yellow and then heavily sanded the whole lot to bring out some detail.
I then waxed the whole thing with Miss Mustard Seed's clear wax which I am in love with!
It is by far the best quality wax I've used and is worth every cent. :-)

We kept the original hardware cause they just work!

All of the bits I've plonked on the top there are vintage finds from either an op shop or a second hand store, except for the lamp which is by Citta design. From Velvet Ark if you're local ;-)

The painting is a favourite of mine and I'm yet to find the perfect place for it. It lives in our office at the moment but in there...I don't really get to look at it much. Which I guess is kinda the point of art. I'm generally just looking at a computer screen when I'm in here! (the office)

See you next week,

Courts xx


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

such a fun piece- it makes me happy!

Rebecca Owen said...

i love the asymmetry of the one with the circle mirror!

Courtney said...

It is very cool, I love a little asymmetry myself ;-)
Thanks Rebecca! X

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